Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Witch King of Sokur

From the journals of Dr. John Watson . . .

When I look at the three massive manuscript volumes which contain our work for the year 1894, I confess that it is very difficult for me, out of such a wealth of material, to select the cases which are most interesting in themselves, and at the same time most conducive to a display of those peculiar powers for which my friend was famous. As I turn over the pages, I see my notes upon the repulsive story of the red leech and the terrible death of Crosby, the banker. Here also I find an account of the North Piddle tragedy, and the singular contents of the ancient British barrow.  Each of these would furnish a narrative, but on the whole I am of opinion that none of them unites so many singular points of interest as the secret war that was fought against the Witch King of Sokur, which includes not only the exploits of Theodore Roosevelt, but also those subsequent developments which threw so curious a light upon the causes of the change in the world . . . 

Roosevelt's first encounter with the Witch King assisted by Lord Greystoke and Special Agent Thomas Sawyer.
It was a wild, tempestuous night, towards the close of November. Holmes and I sat together in silence all the evening, he engaged with a powerful lens deciphering the remains of the original Necronomicon, a feat I was regretting might drive him to madness.  It was strange there, in the very depths of the town, with ten miles of man's handiwork on every side of us, to feel the iron grip of Nature, and to be conscious that to the huge elemental forces all London was no more than the molehills that dot the fields. I walked to the window, and looked out on the deserted street. The occasional lamps gleamed on the expanse of muddy road and shining pavement. A single cab was splashing its way from the Oxford Street end when Holmes suddenly shouted," That American, that foolish American!"
"What is it?" I asked.
"Roosevelt.  That foolish Roosevelt.  The Witch King has the Jewel of Chance."
"I have no idea what you are referring to my dear Holmes.  Who is the Witch King?
"Well, Watson, it's as well we have not to turn out tonight.  HE wants us Watson.  HE wants us."

 The Witch King.

Forbidden, dark, esoterically veiled knowledge drives the Witch King of Sokur to field one of the most dangerous adventuring companies In Her Majesty's Name.  It is not even know if the Witch King is human, and rumors abound that he is one of the "old ones."  Regardless of the truth, he has human servants and strange sub-human creatures that do his bidding as he collects ancient artifacts for his nefarious purposes . . . Here is the formidable Witch King adventuring company for In Her Majesty's Name:

The Witch King:

Pluck: 2+
Fighting Value: +4
Shooting Value: +0
Speed: +0
Cost:  135 points
Talents: Leadership +3, Terrifying, Dreadful, Fearless, Mesmerism, 30 points of Mystical Powers.
Basic Equipment: Sword of Curses (+3 Weapon Bonus, Cursed Weapon),
Ancient Plate Armor: 13  May be mounted on a Horse for +11 points.

Note:  The Witch King is also in possession of the Jewel of Chance which costs no points.  It allows him to re-roll any pluck roll once per game.  If the Witch King is knocked down or killed, he loses possession of the jewel and a marker is placed.  This ancient artifact is now up for grabs.

The Destroyer:

Pluck: 3+
Fighting Value: +5
Shooting Value: +0
Speed: +0
Cost:  60 points
Talents: Terrifying, Berserker, Tough.
Basic Equipment: Axe Scythe of the Destroyer (2 handed weapon +3 Weapon Bonus), Ancient Armor: 11

Ghycni, Captain of the Ruga-Ruga Guard:

Pluck: 3+
Fighting Value: +5
Shooting Value: +2
Speed: +1
Cost:  53 points
Talents: Leadership +1, Tough, Skirmisher.
Basic Equipment: Military Rifle, Fighting Knife.
Armor: 7

The Ruga-Ruga Guard:

Pluck: 4+
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: +2
Speed: +1
Cost:  28 points (depends on firing options)
Talents: Tough, Skirmisher.
Basic Equipment: Military Rifle or Carbine or Muzzle loading rifle, Fighting Knife
Armor: 7

 The Troll of Sokur

Pluck: 3+
Fighting Value: +5
Shooting Value: +0
Cost:  57 points
Talents: Tough, Terrifying
Basic Equipment: Giant Hammer (+3 FV bonus)
Armor: 11


Pluck: 6+
Fighting Value: +0
Shooting Value: +0
Speed: +0
Cost:  11
Talents: None
Basic Equipment: Sword and Shield
Armor: 10


The rules for mummys can be found in the basic rules of In Her Majesty's Name.


  1. Interesting cross-over Neil. Where does "The Destroyer" come from?

    1. The Destroyer is an old Games Workshop figure form their Old Hammer Bone Kings range. that I have had around for years. I forget what the actual GW figure is called, but I figured it was time for him to earn his keep instead of collecting dust on the shelf. This is the adventuring company Honorable Son #5 loves to use because of it's versatility and his love for the Lord of the Rings.

    2. Looks like great fun - The Mummy is also a very nice miniature. Roosevelt is going to need all the Pluck he can get...

    3. Indeed he will . . . we are getting ready for a series of games to battle the Witch King and Roosevelt should play an important role. Several new and existing and existing Adventuring companies will be included including Department H (there is no Department H).