Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Legion of my own

Legio Patria Nostra 

From the private diary of Dr. John Watson, MD: 

When I look back upon those fateful years of 1894 through 1895, little did I realize how much my personal world, and the world at large would change.  Allies were needed, and my good friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes was dubious and did not trust many he encountered in these dangerous times.  Fortunately Holmes tracked down and arrested Huret, the Boulevard assassin - an exploit which won for Holmes an autograph letter of thanks from the French President and the Order of the Legion of Honour. More importantly, it put at Holmes disposal a contact in the French Foreign Legion to assist us in the upcoming war of good versus evil . . . 

  Lieutenant-Colonel Jacques Duchesne

After painting many versions of the 19th Century French Foreign Legion for clients for In Her Majesty's Name and The Men Who Would be Kings I finally decided to indulge myself for a change and paint and create my own French Foreign Legion Adventuring Company.  The basic rules for the French Foreign Legion are found in the basic rules for In Her Majesty's Name and addition useful talents, weaponry and technology in the supplements Heroes, Villians and Fiends and Sleeping Dragoon, Rising Sun.  I have not used any of the Talents, etc., from the Gothic supplement; but who knows?  Maybe it will be needed in the future.
Retired Sergent Chef Baptiste
 Professor Moebius and his daughter Amelie
 Professor Moebius and his pouch of serums.
Amelie Moebius

La mission est sacrée, tu l’exécutes jusqu’au bout et si besoin, en opérations, au péril de ta vie.

 Caporal Chef (Senior Corporal) O'Rourke
 Legionnaire 1st Class Hub Mcann
 Legionnaire Rav Yehuda Leon Ashkenazi

 Legionnaire Jean Genet

 Chaque légionnaire est ton frère d’armes, quelle que soit sa nationalité, sa race ou sa religion. Tu lui manifestes toujours la solidarité étroite qui doit unir les membres d’une même famille.


  1. Beautiful units, and scenery, well done!

    1. The buildings are actually from Battlefront's Battlefield in a box and are on a hill to give the illusion of distance.