Friday, March 2, 2018

One Hour Wargames Campaign: The Fifth Battle - Flank Attack

With the recent victories by the Grand Duchy of Bluehofen, and with the absence of the Prince of Redsteinerberg, the Grand Chancellor of Redsteinerberg decided to set a trap for the forces of Bluehofen and lure them into a cleverly contrived ambush along their eastern flank . . .

The Battlefield.

The fifth battle is based on Scenario 6: Flank Attack (1) from One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas.  Bluhofen is marching north and mus place all of their units in Zone 2.  Redsteinerberg places two units in Zone 1 facing south and after Bluehofen deploys, they get to deploy 4 units within 12 inches of the eastern edge of the battlefield.  Prior to their deployment, Bluehofen was not aware of the eastern deployment.  Victory is determined by Bluehofen getting 3 units off the northern edge of the battlefield by using the road.  Anything else is a Redsteinerberg victory.  Units, as always, were randomly selected by a die roll from Table 1 on pp. 64 of One-Hour Wargames.  Bluehofen moves first.

 Redsteinerberg has 4 Infantry units, 1 cavalry unit and 1 skirmish unit.
Bluehofen has 3 Infantry units, 1 Artillery unit and 2 skirmish unit.

 Though this is during turn 3, it gives you a good idea of the initial deployment.  Redsteinerberg chose to have an infantry unit and a skrimisher unit to block the road while 3 infantry units and the cavalry conduct the flank attack.  The 2nd Dragoons (skirmishers) from Bluehofen rushed ahead to engage while the bulk of the army moved down the road.  The artillery and 1st Dragoons of Bluehofen attempt to slow down the flank attack.

The view looking south.

 The flank attack gets distracted and bogged down by the valiant efforts of the 1st Dragoons and the artillery though the artillery takes some severe loses from the Redsteinerberg cavalry and decides to retreat.
 Meanwhile the main body of the Bluehofen forces start to advance as the 2nd Dragoons desperately try to open a hole in the Redsteinerberg line to enable their fellow units to get off the battlefield.

 The commander of the flank attack decides to destroy units as a way of preventing Bluehofen from winning but the 1st Dragoons slip by.

 Overview of the battle.
 Half of the Redsteinerberg army is tied up by the delaying force.
 The Bluehofen firing line starts to make an impact.

 The valiant 2nd Dragoons are destroyed; however, both armies are now all mixed up as flanks are exposed.
 It looks like Bluehofen is about to be crushed as two of their units are surrounded.  By this time the Bluehofen artillery has also been destroyed but the 1st Dragoons are still in play.

 The 1st Dragoons of Bluehofen start to harass the flank attack.

 The next generation of gamers in action!

 A Bluhofen unit sneaks by and gets off the battlefield by the road after destroying one of the infantry units. The Redsteinerberg commander redeploys to stop the other Bluehofen units.
 Bluehofen is down to 2 units and must get both units off the battlefield by the road to win.


 The Grenadier Guards hold.
 The 1st Dragoons move into position and start to empty some saddles of the enemy cavalry as the tension builds on both sides as time is running out.
 The Grenadier Guards destroy a Redsteinerberg unit and escapes off the battlefield after the cavalry attempts to stop them one more time.

With the cavalry out of position, the very last unit, the 1st Dragoons escape on the very last turn.

Wow.  What a game.  We are now have way through the campaign and the increase in skill and knowledge of the players has been dramatic as this game went right down to the wire.  The score is now Bluehofen 6 and 4 points for Redsteinerberg . . . but the Prince of Redsteinerberg will be back for the next battle!

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