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Friday, March 30, 2018

One Hour Wargames Campaign: The Seventh Battle - They'll be fighting in the Streets . . .

With the campaign score tied at 6 - 6, the next battle was based on Scenario 16: Advanced Guard from One-Hour Wargames, by Neil Thomas. Both Armies must remain on the road proceeding toward the town at a rate of 9 inches per move.  They may move and fight normally as soon as the town is occupied by either a Redsteinerberg unit or a Bluehofen unit.  Victory goes to the side occupying the town at the end of the game.  In the Horse and Musket rules, only Infantry and Light Infantry can end their turn in a town.  Forces were again rolled for on the random force generator table.

 Looking at the battlefield from the Northwest.
 Looking at the battlefield from the Southeast.
 The forces of Bluehofen: 3 Infantry, 1 Cavalry and 2 Artillery.
 The forces of Redsteinerberg: 3 Infantry, 1 Light Infantry and 2 Cavalry.
 The Redsteinerberg moves first . . . 
  . . . followed on the opposite end by Bluehofen.
 The situation at the end of Turn 1.

 The situation at the end of Turn 2.
 Redsteinerberg occupies the town first.  The buildings have been removed to allow ease of movement of forces.  The brown felt represents the outline of the town.

 Another view.  While in a town, Infantry can fire 360 degrees.
 The Bluehofen Infantry immediately assault the town as the Cavalry of both sides move to protect the flanks.  Note the Redsteinerberg Light Infantry moving toward the woods to the east of the town.

 Close range musketry and sabers clash as the battle for the town begins.
 The Redsteinerberg Cavalry is repulsed while the Infantry battle rages on . . . 
 The Bluhofen Cavalry attempts to outflank their opponent while the close range firefight, supported by artillery rages on.

 The Bluehofen artillery.
 The Redsteinerberg Cavalry escapes the flanking move . . . 

 . . . while the other Redsteinerberg Cavalry Regiment comes to their support.

 Charge the guns!!!
 Meanwhile in the town:  Pow! Pow! Pow!

 One of the Bluehofen Infantry units is destroyed.  The Redsteinerberg Light Infantry would continue to fire into the town the entire game and cause 1 hit.

 One of the Redsteinerberg Cavalry Regiments is hit in the rear and survives.
 The Bluhoffers are flanked and destroyed.
 Another Bluhofen Infantry unit is destroyed and Redsteinerberg senses victory.
 The lone remaining Bluehofen Infantry unit, the famous Grenadier Guards, retreat to form a final firing line with the artillery.

 The artillery stays forward in an attempt to protect the Grenadier Guards.
 The artillery is swept away and the Guards are attacked.

With the elimination of the last Bluhofen Infantry unit, Redsteinerberg is the only force capable of occupying the town and wins the battle.  Redsteinerberg now leads the Campaign by a score of 8 - 6 with two battles to go


  1. How many of the kids get involved in the battle?

    If it's more than one each side, are they each commanding enough units?

    Obviously you are the one doing it, but my instinct would be to double the size of the armies and give them two rolls on the forces chart. (if you have them roll.)

    1. There are 6 kids in the class and each commands two units each which works well to introduce them to gaming in a 60 minute period. In the last game we are going to use all of the forces in a larger battle with each "general" commanding 4 units.

  2. Great work from Redsteinberg, though those Light Infantry need some target practise.

    1. Between the cover in the town and the low die rolls it was a rough day for them.