Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt and the Witch King of Sokur: The Game

Honorable Son #5 (The Witch King of Sokur) and myself (Teddy Roosevelt) played a wonderful game of In Her Majesty's Name featuring Teddy Roosevelt, Special Agent Tom Sawyer, Tarzan Lord of the Apes, a yeti, the Witch King and more.

 The lost Roman outpost of Castellum Dimmidi.

To recap, TR and company are trying to recover several valuable artifacts from the lost Roman army outpost of Castellum Dimmidi in deepest, darkest Africa.  Of significant note is that the fabled "Jewel of Chance" is located in Castellum Dimmidi.

 Teddy Roosevelt's Company of Do-Gooders.

There is an ancient evil  known as the Witch King of Sokur who is also seeking the jewel for his own nefarious purposes. The Witch King commands a force of troglodytes to do his bidding.

The Witch King.

The foul stench and oppressive air announces the arrival of the Witch King and his minions as they emerege from the jungle first. The Witch King also carries a sinister poison sword which confers a bonus of +2 in fighting and a -2 Pluck penalty.  The Witch King's company carries swords and shields, though the captain of his guard carries a shotgun stolen from an unfortunate (but tasty to the troglodytes) trader.

Lord Greystoke, better know as Tarzan of the Apes, moves effortlessly through the jungle and takes an advanced scouting position for his comrades.

  No one moves faster in the terrain than the Lord of the Apes.

Teddy Roosevelt leads his other companions from the dense foilage and surprised to see the sub-human shapes emerging from the dark trees in the distance. Have they come this far only to have the ancient artifacts fall into the hands of evil?

 Teddy Roosevelt, followed by Special Agent Sawyer and Teddy's loyal man servant Pierre Jean Alban.  Directly behind are two of Pierre's Baluchi companions from his time spent in India.

The company spots a horrible fiend on the bridge across from them.  It is the captain of the Witch King's guard.  He shouts, "I mistrust all men who are beneath me and I will slay him whom thou mistrustest overmuch; so flee from me, for I serve the king of this land, and in the end I will destroy thee."

Teddy Roosevelt responds, "I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit."  And with that Teddy takes aim at extreme range . . .

Boom!  Right between the eyes!  With a shriek of anger the rest of the force advances to avenge their fallen captain who paused to monologue.

Tarzan, spotting the Sub-Saharan yeti, advances on the far right flank while his companions take up firing positions.  Sawyer notices the shield on the upper floor of the ruins and calls for Pierre to cover him.
Sawyer makes it to the top and takes careful aim as he prepares to secure the shield.

 Meanwhile the troglodytes find the Jewel of Chance as the Witch King encourages his minions to kill Roosevelt's party.
"Protect the Jewel!" yells the Witch King.

Boom!  Roosevelt nails the bearer of the jewel knocking him out.

The fighting becomes fierce as bayonet clashes with sword and shield.
Special Agent Tom Sawyer under pressure.

Covering fire continues as Roosevelt nails another troglodyte at long range while Sawyer fires his pistol killing another villain who falls from the upper floor in true Hollywood style. It is also discovered that Pierre is totally useless in hand to hand combat but he does a pretty good job holding up other enemy figures.

In the midst of the struggle, Tarzan is a whirling dervish as he takes on all comers, distracting and buying time for his companions.  The yeti, never having met its match backs away from the Lord of the Jungle . . .

 The Witch King, in a very unsportsman like manner, smacks Tarzan on the back of his head.

The Witch King, sensing that the battle is swaying his way, uses his Helm of Doing Stuff Against Your Will and mesmerizes Tom Sawyer - forcing him to sneak up and kill his companion Pierre.  Roosevelt notices just in time and carefully aims for the Witch King and  . . . 

 . . . boom!  Roosevelt's shot hits him in the head, momentarily knocking him down and releases his hold on Sawyer.

Meanwhile in all of the excitement, Professor Nightingale attempts to sneak up and grab the Dragon standard.  Unfortunately for the Professor, he raises his pistol and accidentally opens the cylinder and spills all of his bullets on to the ground.  Lady Rachel sighs and with pistols in both hands makes the villain look like swiss cheese.

 Huzzah! Grab the Dragon standard.
While Sawyer attempts to once again grab the ancient shield, Roosevelt takes out another troglodyte while the Witch King has recovered and advances.

 While retrieving the shield, Sawyer is attacked.  He gets his carbine up just in time to block the blow.  The mighty troglodyte smashes his carbine knocking Sawyer to the ground.  Sawyer rolls to the side and does a forward roll leaping to his feet and getting the drop on his enemy.

 Go ahead.  Make my day. 

Pierre engages the yeti unable to help as the Witch King descends upon Roosevelt.
Mere words cannot describe the epic engagement. Bowie knife and pistol against evil and a foul pestilence of a sword.  The bottom line . . . the Witch King disengages after fighting to a stand still when he notices the bumbling Professor Nightingale heading toward the Jewel of Chance.

 Meanwhile, Lady Rachel has secured the Dragon standard.

 Huzzah!  Professor Nightingale accidentally shoots one of the troglodytes.  

Sawyer has the shield.
 The Professor and Roosevelt give the Witch King the slip as the yeti pursues them. The troglodyte with the Jewel of Chance finally wakes up after his near fatal encounter with Roosevelt's bullet and charges the hapless Professor.

Roosevelt is stunned as the Professor fires 5 bullets into the troglodyte.  "Bully!"

Unfortunately for our intrepid band, the yeti knocked out Roosevelt and the Witch King uses his Helm of Doing Stuff Against Your Will and mesmerizes the Professor and steals the Jewel of Chance ending the game.  And what a game it was!  Each artifact is 20 victory points, each enemy figure is 2 victory points and each enemy leader taken out of the game is 5 victory points.  After the final tally, Honorable Son #5 had 34 points and yours truely had 54 points.  My gosh, I actually won a game!  But most importantly it was a highly enjoyable time with son.



  1. Darn, that AAR has done nothing to persuade me NOT to get that game!
    Tom Sawyer looks very nice too. My wish list grows!

    1. David - Thanks. It is a fun and very adaptable game.

  2. What a great laugh! Fantastic game!