Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Painting the Yeti

 I am impressed with the quality of Reaper Miniatures' Yeti and it was an easy figure to paint.  The fur is well detailed and raised allowing quick and easy layering of the paint.

Step 1: The miniature is glued to a Games Workshop 60mm base and primed with watered down Vallejo Flat Black.

Step 2: I painted the entire figure with a base of Vallejo Flat Brown. Once dry I applied a liberal amount of Games Workshop Brown Wash. The bottle of Brown Wash is almost empty; I purchased it in 1998 in the town of Nussloch when I was stationed in Heidelburg, Germany.

A quick size comparison. The Yeti is next to two 28m scale Warlord Games horses from their English Civil War range.

Step 3: I used a technique that I call "wet brush" which is similar to dry brushing. As with dry brushing, don't put on too much paint and only go over the fur to pick out the raised portions to give the fur depth. I used Vallejo Buff for this step.  I then painted the skin with GW Dawnstone Gray.

Step 4: Dry brush the fur with Vallejo Flat White being careful not to get any white in the recesses of the fur. A very light, and I mean light dry brush of the skin was down with Vallejo Dark Blue. Claws were painted with GW Ratskin Flesh and then highlighted with Vallejo Flat Flesh. Teeth were painted with Ratskin Flesh and then given highlights of Vallejo Buff and Vallejo Flat White.  The pupils are Vallejo Dark Blue.

Step 5: Edge of the base is painted with Vallejo Field Drab.  Once dry, watered down white glue is spread on top and then dipped in sand. Once the sand is dry, I apply a coat of watered down white glue to seal it in place.

Step 6: Since Mr. Yeti is going to be gaming in a variety of climates and locales, I just decided to give him a basic scenic look.  With watered down white glue added in random spots, I dipped the base in Gale Force Nine static grass and then added some tufts from GW.  After a coating of matt varnish he is ready to do battle.


  1. Fantastic work! I think I'll need to pick this fellow up for my own collection sooner rather than later.