Saturday, December 12, 2015

An oldie but goodie: Monopoly

I enjoyed a great time of family fun and fellowship playing Monopoly with my Lovely Bride, Honorable Son # 4 and Honorable Son #5.

From left to right: My Lovely Bride, Honorable Son #4 and Honorable Son #5

 Of course I was Teddy Roosevelt . . . which is ironic to use in Monopoly!

 A horrible accident as Honorable Son #5 runs into my Lovely Bride's dog token

 "I've been working on the railroad, all the day long day" - come on, sing it with me!
 Finally I'm able to grab Boardwalk!  MWAH HAH HAH!
 Honorable Son #4 is Darth Vader using the force to force Honorable Son #3 to pay him rent.
 "I've been falsely accused I tell you!

 I successfully win my lawsuit for false imprisonment.  Okay, I just landed on Free Parking. We use Free Parking home rule where all fines, etc. go to the middle of the board and if you land on Free Parking you get the loot.

 My real estate empire starts to grow.
 Free Parking!
Plenty of nice, expensive houses I have built.  
Darth Vader conveniently looks the other way as I hand over a gazillion dollars to him.
But the light side of the Force wins when Darth lands on the Boardwalk.

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