Monday, March 25, 2019

Consumer Alert: EOE Orbis, Inc (Blacktree Design Miniatures)

Over the years that I have gamed, I have been about 99.99% satisfied with the manufacturers, online retail outlets and eBay partners I have used to purchase my miniatures. Any misunderstandings or delays in delivery have been quickly worked out or I have received prompt notification with sometimes a freebie thrown in for my trouble.

 Blacktree Design Miniature WW II Germans

This is a real shame, because I really like their figures, by unfortunately I can no longer recommend EOE Orbis, Inc (Blacktree Design Miniatures) as a retailer through their United States distribution.  I have had an order with them since November 26, 2018 and have had minimum response to my inquiries as to when my order will be delivered.  After checking various forums recently, I have discovered I am not alone in my difficulties and have requested, through PayPal a full refund for an order that was made 4 months ago.


  1. I waited several months for an order from them a while back. I sent several emails with no reply until I initiated a paypal dispute. Then I received the figures within a fortnight and extras thrown in. I appreciated the free figures, but I've never used them as a retailer since.

  2. I ordered many times in the past from them, no problem there. But I did order the rest of my Americans force on the Black Friday sale and still did not get them. I was about to send an email when I saw this post on FB. So following there.

  3. Me too. I'm still waiting for two orders from November ...

    No communication back from them.

  4. November? I ordered in September from the U.K. supplier but got nothing until a few trickled in in January, the order was completed in mid Feb.
    They are certainly off my list. They still send me notifications of their many sales and discount offers, yet cannot fill the orders placed.
    Shocking business model.

    1. Not much of a sale if you never get the figures.

  5. Speaking from my own experiences, I have ordered a lot of figures over the years from BTD USA. While delivery is sometimes slow following one of their big sales, I ALWAYS received what was ordered. I have not placed an order in about one year so perhaps service has changed? I hope you receive your order.

    I find BTD figures excellent.

  6. My experiences mirror those of Mr. Freitag. This is of course from BTD USA. Most of the complaints I've read were about the UK supplier.

  7. I ordered from the US distributor during their Black Friday sale and have received nothing.

  8. John Olsen of BlackTree Design sent out an email yesterday. It was linked on TMP (The Miniatures Page).


  9. That's a shame. As others have mentioned I've ordered from them in the past - though not in the last year or two - usually during sales (I've filled out entire armies with 70% off figures from them!) and it did take a LONG time for the stuff to all show up - months. But it always did show up eventually.