Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Wargaming on a Budget - Save those bits!

 Gee Snowy, it's a good thing he saved that extra sword!

As a gamer on a budget (aren't we all!) I've learned to hold on to "extras" or left over parts and use them for other projects.

The Disintegration Gun was built from and extra weapon from a Tau vehicle from Games Workshops Warhammer 40K, an extra landing gear, a leftover flying stand, 4 round plastic shields and extra copper wire from the shop.

The Cult of Doom (or any Adventuring Company) Arc cannon was made with extra wagon wheels, another Tau landing gear, an Elder Titan canon from Space Marine and some metal left over from weapon sprues for spears from North Star.

Objective markers: I use the following mostly as objective markers or treasure for In Her Majesty's Name.

 A shovel that was a left over from a blister pack, a couple of rocks and sand. Paint some of the sand and the rocks with GW Shiny Gold and you have an instant gold strike! 

 When I painted some Rohan Royal Guard from The Lord of the Rings Strategy game, I had the option of giving the figures spears or swords. As you can guess, some got spears and some got swords. Here is a left over sword that I cut the top off, drilled a hole in a rock and Tah Dah: Instant Sword in the Stone.

I don't remember where this shield came from, but it looks like an ancient artifact to me.

This one is interesting. Two odd pieces of metal I found, a medieval mace and a square plastic square. I've have used this as an Arc generator, Edison Beam Translator or just a piece of Weird Science that needed to be "acquired" by adventurous individuals.

Electrical cap anyone?  Is it a missile, a Tesla generator, an alien rocket? You decide.

Buzz saw from Pulp Figures "Cringing Captives" set.

The Jewel of Chance!  A old die mounted on a metal nut.

A magic orb or weird science? A white marble I found when walking my War Poodle mounted on another metal nut.

I don't remember who makes this, but it looks cool!