Saturday, August 10, 2019

Pulp Figures Thuggee with Separate assorted Weapons & Picks

 Thugs and phansigars (noose operators) from Pulp figures.

The figures shown are from Pulp Figures pack PBT 21 Thuggee with Separate assorted Weapons & Picks.  The selection of weapons are truely amazing allowing you to customize your collection to your hearts desire - with weapons left over! The other item I appreciate: The weapons actually fit in the hands without additional filing or drilling! You can see some of the selection of weapons included, though I gave the sacred burial pick of the cult of Kali, forged in a holy ritual to one of Fu Manchu's minions.  I'm sure it was part of Dr. Manchu's collection.

The figures can be used for a variety of popular Colonial rules. Rules for Thugs in the game In Her Majesty's Name can be found in the supplement Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.

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