Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scales and Periods I Play, Part 4: The Age of Napoleon

The Age of the Military Tailor: The Age of Napoleon

Ready to paint? I do not recommend the Age of Napoleon if you are new to painting or get frustrated easily. On the other hand, they figures look great! We are doing the armies that fought in the Iberian Penisula (Spain and Portugal) mainly because I'm an Anglophile for gaming and I think I have read every Richard Sharpe book written.
Figures are 28mm from Wargames Foundry and Front Rank Miniatures. I've been chosing figures that looked like the soldiers on campaign, not the parade field. I used to play "tactical" Napoleonic battles where each unit represented a . . . well, unit. Now I want to fight the big battles: each unit now represents a brigade. It also allows me to economize on figures and have the variety of units that I want. Again, I'm currently using Volley and Bayonet.
First the French and their Allies:

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