Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016: The Plan, Part 2: The Mersey Plan!

Continuing from Part 1 for my master plan (BWAH HAH HAH) for 2016.

I guess this is the "Mersey" part of the plan!

3. Dux Bellorum Daniel Mersey is the author of my favorite set of ancient - medieval rules.  His game Dux Bellorum is published by Osprey in their famous 64 page format.  Yes!  Professionally produced gaming rules that are affordable again.  Dux Bellorum is designed for refighting battles of Dark Age Britain from the end of the Late Roman Empire to approximately 1000 AD.  What makes the game brilliant and fun to play is the allocation of command points during the game which adds a unique flavor and tension during moves and combat. This is not a boring I line up against you and see which shield wall breaks first - this is a dynamic, interactive game.

 Late Romans dealing with a raid by Early Saxon "Sea Wolves."
Late Roman Battle line with the Roman Dux Bellorum looking on.

I have finished 3 armies for Dux Bellorum: Late Romans, Early Saxons and Vikings (Sea Raiders).  I started work on a historical King Arthur Romano-British army based on his role as the Dux Bellorum of Britannia. I have one more element of cavalry to paint and then I need to finish up two elements of infantry and that should complete the army.
Arthur leads his knights. Figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry and Old Glory.

4. The Anglo-Zulu War.  Daniel Mersey's latest set of rules is scheduled for publication in August 2016 and is a set of Colonial rules titled The Men Who Would be Kings. Figures are mounted individually for casualty removal but fight as a unit. Knowing Daniel's track record and the play tests I have read I am going to step out and predict that this will be another success.  To get a head start, I'm going to start paint units for the Anglo-Zulu War.  I used to have a 15 mm Zulu army and regulary played this period in the 1990's with the good chaps of the Fort Monroe, VA area.  This time around I am going to do it in 28 mm primarily with miniatures from Warlord Games/Empress miniatures.  To get me started, Honorable Son #1 and his wife The Future Doctor sent me "The Defenders of Rorke Drift" from Warlord Games/Empress Miniatures. This is the Hollywood versions the sullen but doughty Private Hook; VC, the stoic but reluctant Lt. Chard, VC; the dandy English gentleman Lt. Bromhead,VC; and the unflappable bayonet fighting Colour Sgt Bourne, DSO.

The Defenders of Rorke Drift

With the above I hope to complete 1 unit of British Infantry and 1 unit of Natal Native Horse. An ambitious plan for 2016 but one that should keep me fully engaged. 


  1. I hope you enjoy you Zulu adventures. I was lucky enough to see a demo of the rules at the Hereward show, and they looked very promising.

    1. Edwin - Thanks! From what I have seen of the play testing it does look good.