Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Long Arm of the Law

Rumors abound during these troubled times. Mysterious happenings and sightings of strange creatures disturb the good folk of the countryside. Nefarious powers and villains seek to disrupt the very foundations of the Empire. The world's greatest consulting detective and his able companion the doctor have their hand's full battling for Queen and country. The most famous police force in the world, Scotland Yard is here to help.

Joining Holmes and Watson for adventures In Her Majesty's Name (IHMN) are 6 members of the constabulary from Artizan Design's Thrilling Tales collection.  Available individually or in a blister pack of 3, these good men of the law are finely detailed and amazingly simple to paint.

Mad Jack pursues a fair damsel through the streets.

The men in blue spring their trap.

 Basic equipment for a constable is a lined coat, pistol and the All-Electric Truncheon.

 Sergeant Joseph Henry Dunlap discusses the case with The Consulting Detective.

To beef up the force I will still need to add a Chief Inspector and some other figures to represent Special Branch in order to investigate and foil dastardly foreign plots against the home country and Her Majesty.
 The Good Doctor investigates a noise just outside of the Village.
Johnny Bristow causes a dust-up near one of the local pubs.

 The Napoleon of Crime observes a constable on guard.

"Hey! You there!  What are you up to?"

"I took care of the nuisance Professor."


  1. Wonderful figures, Neil! The terrain is also superb.

    1. Thanks dean. The funny part about the buildings are that they are all cardboard from various Warhammer sets. They have lasted well through the years.

  2. Love the figures: lots of character there!

    1. That has been one of the appeals of playing IHMN - lots of great figures out there to add "character" to the tabletop.

  3. Beautifull figures.
    Great ambience.
    Enjoy the game!