Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day here are some of my Irish troops:

 Manus O'Cahan's Regiment of Foot - English Civil War (28mm Warlord)

Colonel Alexander MacDonnell's Regiment of Foot - English Civil War (28mm Warlord)

Army of the Potomac Irish Brigade - American Civil War (15mm Old Glory)

164th New York Volunteer Infantry - American Civil War (15mm Essex Miniatures)

1st Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers - WW II (15mm Battlefront)

Dillon's Regiment of Foot in French Service - War of Spanish Succession (15mm Dixon) 

FitzJames Regiment Regiment of Horse in French Service - War of Spanish Succession                  (15 mm Dixon Miniatures) 

88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers) - Napoleonic Wars (28mm Wargames Foundry and Front Rank)


  1. A wonderfully presented tribute, Neil! Amazingly very little green showing :)

  2. The first time I painted the Connaught Rangers I assumed they had green facings and I even gave them a green King's Colour! I had to go back and give them yellow facings when I discovered my error.

  3. Love the outstanding ECW units!