Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gordon Highlanders: Painting the Kilt

Remember when painting a kilt, unless you want to go insane, is that it needs to look good from a gaming distance.  If you are like me and have difficulty painting a straight line, don't worry about it!  It does not have to be perfect to look good on the gaming table.

Here is my step by step painting guide for painting the kilt for the Gordon Highlanders without going insane:

1. Dark blue base.

2. Vertical black lines on the front - no vertical lines needed on the back of the kilt.

3. Horizontal lines all the way around the kilt.  With the Artizan figures 3 looks good.

4. Paint a dark green inside the black lines.

5. Dab a light green "square" where the green intersects.  At this scale the square does not have to be perfect.

6. Use a pale yellow (I use GW's Bubonic Brown) and make vertical and horizontal stripes on the blue.  Remember, no vertical stripes are needed on the back of the kilt.

Ta Dah!  Ready for the table.  You may notice that in a few places I put lines in the wrong place.  Who cares?  He will fight just as well on the tabletop.

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  1. Will certainly give this a try. I love Highlanders, so acquire the figures when available. However, I am dubious of painting Tartan, so the Highlander metal mountain grows! So thank you for giving me an incentive to give it a go!