Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Battlefield in a Box: Desert Buildings

Wow.  I should have starting using these a long time ago.  Simply superb and adaptable for multiple periods in the 15mm world.

Items from the Desert Walls, Medium house, and Small houses box sets. 

First up is the Desert Wall box which comes with 4 tall wall sections, a tall gate, 4 low wall sections and a well.

All of the boxed sets were very well packaged with plenty of bubble wrap.

Contents of the boxed set.

Closeup of the high gate with a Bren carrier and Valentine tank for scale.

 The small Desert Houses box comes with one "long" small house and one square small house.

 The removable roofs are a nice touch to allow the placement of troops inside.

Australian infantry occupy the roof of the long house.

Here is the Medium Desert house.  My only complaint is the box on the roof which makes it difficult to put two stands of infantry on the top of the roof but two fit nicely inside.

 The three boxed sets, which are reasonably priced (I found a great deal on eBay) really spice up the battlefield and provide cover and key terrain to fight over.

 The jewel of the Desert Walls set is the well.

Bren carriers navigating between the walls of the village.


  1. I was gutted when Battle field in a box stopped making their fantsy range of terrain.

    I always snap it up now if I can find it for it's original prices.

  2. Wonderful buildings, certainly soon in our club!