Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Friday, June 7, 2019

IHMN: The Black Brotherhood AKA The Cult of Doom(!) (Episode 5.7)

There are foolish and evil men who attempt to tampered with the Divine laws of the Universe in order to advance their nefarious schemes of world domination and personal illegal accumulation of wealth - no matter the threat to innocents throughout our fair creation. The Black Brotherhood is a group of international terrorists dedicated to hastening the return of the Great Old Ones. The Brotherhood is made up of people from all ethnicities and ways of life, and, believing that the Old Ones will awaken soon, conduct covert operations, such as attempted political assassinations. Few of its members are taken alive for interrogation, however, as most die shortly after carrying out their operations.

The Grand Pooh-Bah, the leader of the Black Brotherhood AKA The Cult of Doom(!)

The real name of the Leader of the Black Brotherhood is Shiwan Khan, a would-be world conquerer and archenemy of the American vigilante known as The Shadow. He is the last living descendant of Genghis. As a youth, he traveled to Lhasa, Tibet and studied with the monks. After learning their mystic ways, he used his knowledge to help the people of Mongolia, but he began to feel a lust for power and set out to rule the world as a new Khan. He often operates from the lost underground city of Xanadu, beneath the Sinkiang. He has access to the treasures of Kublai Khan and was trained by the Tibetan monks to use telepathic powers. The Black Brotherhood is just another means to his end of ruling the world. As the Grand Pooh-Bah of The Black Brotherhood AKA The Cult of Doom(!) he uses the following profile:

Name: The Grand Pooh-Bah (Shiwan Khan)
Pluck: 2+
Fighting Value: +4
Shooting Value: +0
Speed: +2
Points: 109
Talents: Leadership +2, Martial Arts, Fearless, Fanatic, Meticulous Planning, 30 points of Mystical Powers
Basic Equipment: The Jade Breastplate (Armor Value 12), Pistol

Cult member with an Arc Rifle.

The basic profile for Cultists can be found In Her Majesty's Name. In The Black Brotherhood AKA The Cult of Doom (!) they can be armed with any weapon from the armory through the fantastic fortune of Shiwan Khan. All cultists have the Fanatic talent and their pluck can be upgraded to 4+ if the points are spent and the armor rating is 8. If a cultist has no visible weapons, he can be given the Martial Arts Talent and the Berserker talent. Also any cultist can be given the Numb talent.

The Cult of Doom uses various weapons to "influence" others to do their bidding: pistols, bare hands and flame throwers.
According to the Union rules of the International Brotherhood of Evil Henchmen and Toadies, I get a smoke break every hour.

 We will help Nyarlathotep destroy his enemies!

 An Alien interdimensional being: The Crawling Chaos!
 Smoke Break.


 "Why do you thing you 'accidentally' stepped through the Tesla gate Tintin?" asks Randolph Carter. "Nothing happens by accident."


  1. A great addition to the narrative. Can't wait!

    1. There will be mystery, vigilantes, a boy detective, the French Foreign Legion and a certain New England University getting ready to lead a hand in deepest Africa.