Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Saturday, June 29, 2019

2019 Second Quarter Update, Part 2

 Newly painted figures and exciting games of adventure!

Newly painted figures and companies for In Her Majesty's Name:

a. The United States Secret Service. The Americans start getting some serious punch during the "War of the Witches".

The men and women of the United States Secret Service.

 Nick Charles and Agent X

b. The Teenage Boy Detective. Yes its Tintin and Snowy and they have a role to play in 1895.

Also added a Steam Launch to get around in! (Steam launch from Brigade Games)

c. Lo Pan the evil Chinese Wizard. Can teamster Jack Burton be far behind?

d. The Black Brotherhood AKA The Cult of Doom(!). An international criminal terrorist organization that is a front for world conquest.

 Will they never learn not to go up against the powers of Truth and Justice?

Smoke Break . . . Agent X says it's okay when we are not actively fighting.

e. The Pinkerton Detective Agency. When you need a little more muscle or investigating.

f. The Rise of the Vigilantes. A new Shadow figure, Lady Blue, The Wasp, and Lord Top Hat take justice into their own hands.

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit! Crime does not pay... The Shadow knows!"

 L to R: Lady Blue, The Wasp, The Shadow and Lord Top Hat.

g. Every once in a while you need a Fire Troll to do the heavy lifting.

2. And we played games! The War of the Witches. The tide seems to have turned for the forces of Good - but the Witch King of Sokur is mysteriously missing.

a. It's a Trap! (Episode 5.2). The Shadow makes his debut against Moriarity's gang with Scotland Yard not too far behind.

Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men? The Shadow knows!

b. A Night in the Museum (Episode 5.3). Lo Pan attempts to steal the Sphere of Destiny from the Smithsonian Institute but the men and women of the USSS are ready to stop him.

c. Quartermain and the Jungle of Fear (Episode 5.4).  Professor Nightengale is rescued by Allan Quartermain. But what price will be paid?

 d. The U.S. Marshals in the Land of the Winkies, Part 1 (Episode 5.5) and Part 2 (Episode 5.6).
The US President has had enough and goes on the offensive against the Wicked Witch of the West. The Marines are not available, the USSS is occupied so it is up to Task Force Tombstone to take the fight to the enemy.
 "How about a little fire Tin Men?"

"Let's show this witch some real firepower boys!"

We also took a quick trip to the province of Britain in the early 5th Century with Dux Bellorum.


  1. What an impressive collection of characters...and monsters, superb pictures!

    1. I got the dinosaur on sale at Hobby Lobby. About $12 if I remember correctly.

  2. Replies
    1. And loving every minute of it!

    2. Good on you and long may it last! Well done to your lad#5 for graduating as well!