Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Barsoom Work in Progress Part 5: The Bases

Coming, as they did, over the soft and soundless moss, which covers practically the entire surface of Mars with the exception of the frozen areas at the poles and the scattered cultivated districts, they might have captured me easily, but their intentions were far more sinister. It was the rattling of the accouterments of the foremost warrior which warned me. 

 After finishing the figures, I definitely wanted the bases to look different that what I usually do. Captain Carter in his journals often mentions the yellow moss that covers most of Barsoom and some of the other vegetation and average terrain. Following is my guide to create the bases for Barsoomian figures.

The side of the bases are painted with Vallejo Flat Brown.

Add globs of white glue.

Using an old brush, water down the glue and spread it over the base.

Dip in Hobby Sand. In the USA, I buy my sand at Hobby Lobby. Shake off the excess.

The base with the sand.

All four figures left to base.

Once the sand dries, and make sure it is dry, add some more globs of glue.

Use that old brush again and water down and spread out the glue - it makes an excellent protective covering for the sand when dry.

Next I have some Gale Force Nine static grass. I think this is burnt amber or something like that.

I have no idea who the manufacturer is, but I always have some extra terrain bits lying around.

Now that the base is dry, I use some GW Skrag Brown and watered it down to get the red Martian look of the ground.

Now just a few globs and water them down.

Add some static grass and let it dry.

Here a close up of the other terrain bits I'm going to use.

I add some more white glue and just sorta mush it in so it gives it an alien look.

Some more on the back.

Another angle with all of the basing terrain.

 All four bases are done.

The finished product.


  1. Great combination of textures and colours on those bases. I read the John Carter books almost 40 years ago and your project is inspiring me to read them again.

    1. Thanks. Before I started I purchased the "Essential Reads" Barnes and Noble Martian Trilogy edition. It was as good as I remembered and really helped when doing the figures. For example I had to repainted the eyes of the green Martians as I had them completely wrong based on Captain Carter's description.