Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Encounter in North Africa

January, 1942 - The Deutsches Afrika Korps (Africa Corps or DAK) has withdrawn in the face of the victorious 8th Army.

In this fictional scenario based on the situation in Early 1942, the British 8th Army is pursuing the DAK after the success of Operation Crusader with the breaking of the siege at Tobruk. Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel has reluctantly ordered his forces to fall back on Gazala and then Mersa El Brega; thus shortening his supplies lines to Tripoli and allowing fresh reinforcements.

The Desert Fox is now planning a counter-offensive with the 104th Schutzen Regiment supported by the 5th Panzer Regiment (all from the 21st Panzer Division) to play a key role in seizing and holding a key position near the small village of Suara. On the 23rd of January, the lead elements of the 104th Schutzen regiment sweep down from the high ground and run unexpectently into screening elements of the 7th Australian Divisional Cavalry Squadron. Hearing the unexpected reports of contact from the advancing German forces, Rommel decides to move to the scene of the action . . .

Generalfeldmarschall Rommel is briefed on the situation at Suara.

This 1500 point battle is going to fought using the updated North Africa Supplement for Flames of War. I will be commanding a Schutzen (Rifle) Company and recent High School graduate Honorable Son #2 will command the Australian Divisional Cavalry. The scenario was randomly decided with a die role - the Encounter Mission.

The Encounter mission uses four special rules: Mobile Battle, Delayed Reserves, Scattered Reserves and Fair Fight.

1. Mobile Battle: All teams count as having moved in their last movement step during the first player's first Shooting step.

2. Delayed Reserves: Half of each sides forces are off the board and are designated as reserves. On turn 3, the player gets to roll one die, turn 4 two dice, etc. Each roll of 5+ brings a platoon from reserve onto the table.

3. Scattered Reserves: Roll a die to determine where each platoon arriving from reserve appears.

4. Fair Fight: If neither player wins (captures an objective), both players use the loser's column to determine their Victory points.

The Forces.

4th Kompanie, 2nd Battalion, 104th Shutzen Regiment.

Company HQ: 45 points

1st Platoon (2 Squads): 135 points

2nd Platoon (2 Squads): 135 points

3rd Platoon (2 Squads): 135 points

Heavy Platoon (2 Heavy Machinegun Sections): 140 points

Anti-Tank gun Platoon (2 5cm Pak38 guns): 80 points

Panzer Platoon (3 Panzer III G/H and 2 Panzer IVG): 560 points

Heavy Anti-aircraft Platoon (2 sections of 8.8cm with 8 crew): 260 points

Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel: 50 points

Total: 1540

Rommel Special rules:

1. Fingertip Feelings. One German platoon within line of sight of Rommel can make a normal move within its deployment area after all initial platoons have deployed but before any Reconnaissance Deployments.

2. Rommel at the Point. When Rommel leads from the front (to the dismay of senior commanders and his staff) any German platoon within line of sight of Rommel may re-roll any failed Motivation tests or Skill tests to make Stormtrooper moves.

3. Herr General. If Rommel's command team is destroyed during a game the German war effort has suffered a severe blow. The German player loses one Victory Point and their opponent gains one Victory Point.

17 pdr AT guns; in our game they will represent Australian 6 pdr AT guns

A Coy, 9th Australian Divisional Cavalry

Company HQ (2 Crusader II Tanks): 155 points

1st Cavalry Platoon (3 Crusader II Tanks): 230 points

2nd Cavalry Platoon (3 Crusader II Tanks): 230 points

Carrier Platoon (3 Universal Recon Carriers): 115 points

Australian Rifle Platoon (with Light mortar & anti-tank team): 225 points

Australian Rifle Platoon (with Light mortar & anti-tank team):225 points

Machinegun Platoon (2 Heavy machinegun sections): 175 points

6 Pdr Anti-tank Platoon (2 anti-tank sections): 210 points

Total: 1565 points

Next . . . the battle.


  1. when will we hear of the battle?

  2. Dane - it's coming soon. Actually, it's going to be the battle that wasn't quite the battle! You'll see when I post.