Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hesse-Darmstadt WIP #2

I finished the test figure for the Gross und Erbprinz Regiment for Hesse-Darmstadt; hopefully it won't take me long to paint 7 more figures to mount them for Volley and Bayonet.

All paints are from the Games Workshop Citadel Range:

1. Figure primed black.
2. Face and Hands: Base is Dark Flesh. Wet brush with Dwarf Flesh followed by a wash of Flesh wash. Next cover selected areas with Dwarf Flesh and then high points with Elf Flesh.
3. Coat: Royal Blue highlighted with Ultramarine Blue.
4. Facings: Bubonic Brown and then highlighted with Sunburst Yellow.
5. Musket: Wood is Bestial Brown, barrel is Boltgun metal with Shiny Gold for the other metal parts. Musket strap is Skull White. Bayonet is highlighted with Chainmail.

6. Straps: Skull White for the straps and the strap for the canteen is Scorched Brown.
7. Buttons: Skull White.
8. Coveralls: Adeptus Battlegrey highlighted with Codex Grey.
9. Shako Cover: Graveyard Earth.
10. Cartridge Box, bayonet scabbard and boots: Chaos Black.

11. Field Pack: Base is Scorched Brown and then a dry brush of Bestial Brown. Highlights are Snakebite Leather. Straps are Skull White. Rolled overcoat is Codex Grey.
12. Canteen: Snakebite Leather.
13. Pom Pom: Liche Purple.

Tah dah! A simple figure conversion with no real work to add some variety to the French Forces in the Peninsular. Now I need to paint the other 7 figures for the Volley and Bayonet base. After that I will either do the Black Brunswickers (to be with the British) or the Anhalt battalion from the 5th Confederation of the Rhine Regiment.

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