Friday, December 3, 2010

Red Star Rising

With the addition of the Naval Infantry, the Soviet Army for Flames of War under the command of Comrade Colonel Colinovksly (Honorable Son #3) is looking impressive now that there is basically a complete battalion of infantry. That's a lot of infantry across the table . . .

Hmmm . . . seems like Stalin has some reserves.

Battalion headquarters for Soviet Naval Rifles (Morskaya Strelcovy). Battalion Commander with Naval Flag, Second in command in Helmet and overcoat and the Battalion Kommisar.

Currently we have painted 2 - 3 companies of infantry (depending on the year of the war), 1 company of Sub-machineguns and one Heavy Machinegun company.

Found some great pictures on the internet showing a mixture of uniforms within units; Naval dress, Red Army issued uniforms, dark blue overcoats, helmets with Red Stars, etc. I decided to make the blue overcoats a bit lighter so they would show up better on the gaming table.

Regular soldiers of the Red Army.

Maxim Heavy Machineguns.

Soviet Scouts.

T-34 obr 42 and T-34/85 main battle tanks.

KV-1 Heavy Tanks

The famous pig sty objective maker.

Command Post objective marker.

Pin markers

Bailed out crew markers

Light mortars that we also use as proxies for medium mortars.

SMG Company


Commander of Rocket Battery and Forward Observer.

Eventually we will be adding to the forces: Anti-tank guns, medium mortars, some artillery, heavy assaults guns, etc. But right now, it is a potent force and I look forward to the game that will be played over the Christmas holidays against the 4th Company, 2nd Bn., 116th Grenadiers of the German Army.


  1. Great looking battalion, especially the naval units, they certainly stand out. Love the pig sty! Must have taken a while to complete all those.

  2. Great site, your Red Army is most impressive, especially the T-34 with the Soviet flag draped over the turret. Also the red star on some of the infantry is really well done.
    Keep up the good work,