Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Agent Tom Sawyer, U. S. Secret Service

Tom Sawyer grew up in Missouri where he had several interesting adventures while touring the Mississippi River.  He discovered or created mayhem, solved murders, found buried treasure and sought adventure and excitement simply because nothing else could really satisfy him.  He was eventually recruited by the U. S. Secret Service and now is a Special Agent - though still at heart a rebellious youth with a taste for adventure.

Agent Tom Sawyer can add spice to any "good guy" company for In Her Majesty's Name:

Special Agent Thomas Sawyer

Pluck: 4+
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: +4
Speed: +1
Cost: 38 points
Skills: Marksman, Gunslinger
Basic Equipment: Lined Coat, Carbine, 2 Pistols

Game Stats Copyright Craig Cartmell & Charles Murton June 2013 

 Agent Sawyer working with the world's most famous consulting detective on the mysterious case of the Disintegration Machine.

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