Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hey! Where's the WIP for Lord Saye & Sale's Regiment Regiment of Foot?

A friend of mine wanted to know where the work in progress pictures were of Lord Saye & Sale's Regiment Regiment of Foot were.  I completely forgot to post.  Here they are:

When painting 28mm figures I mount them on the lids from plastic soda bottles.

Now we have hats!

Metal headgear from Warlord Games for the pikes. I had to slice the upper part of their heads to make them fit properly.  Not a big deal when working with hard plastic.

  . . . and the headgear is painted.

Pike men marching convert nicely into color bearers.

 Musketeers and a pike men converted to a sergeant.

 The figures are mounted on 60mm x 60mm square bases for the rule set Victory Without Quarter.  Most foot regiments are 2 stands of muskets and 1 stand of pikes.

Musketeer stand with sand added.  I always put a second coat of watered down PVA white glue over the sand when it dries.

The other musketeer stand with officer and drum.

Base color of dark brown.

All mustered and ready to fight for King and Parliament!


  1. Interesting that you have chosen the pikes at the ready to receive charge.

    How many units do you have planned with this pose? I ask as I have seen troubles with Greek phalanx pushing pike together in cross purposes when they are pointing out (which looks great in photos!).

    For my own ECW Pike & Shotte I have elected to go with marching or nearly vertical pike holding troops rather than any with them at the level out for charge.

    1. Hello! The majority of my figures come from the Warlord Games plastic ECW box which comes with 40 figures. If I remember correctly there are 6 pike advancing and 6 with pikes upright and marching. If you check out the ECW label you can see how I have done some with the pikes at the ready and others with the pikes upright. Thanks!