Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Bloody Battle of Hacking and Slashing with some Roaring and Rolling of dice on the Kitchen Table, Part 1

 The start of the famous Bloody Battle of Hacking and Slashing with some Roaring and Rolling of Dice on the Kitchen Table

To me it is somewhat amazing how I have gone gung-ho over the last 8 months for two sets of skirmish rules whereas in the past I was mostly a large battles kind of guy.  Interestingly they are both published by Osprey Wargames: In Her Majesty's Name and Dragon Rampant.  In my previous post I mentioned how Dragon Rampant has become my fantasy rule set of choice.  Daniel Mersey returns us to those years of old when the rules did not take themselves too seriously and were fun to play.  Easy to understand but hard to master, Dragon Rampant is written in a witty style that brings back memories of younger play days.

The first game we played is the first scenario from the book titled Gory Bloodbath on the Plains of Doom.  In other words, pick out two forces and go at it!  To win it is a simple matter of adding up the points value of enemy units destroyed or routed before the game ends . . . or is it?  Adding to the fun is the ability to choose up to 3 Glory quests which allow each side to choose there own agenda in addition to the scenario victory conditions.  On with the warbands!

The Armored Horse Archers of the Plains with their Friendly Dragon (looking suspiciously like the Riders of Rohan):

Captain of the Lonely Tree:  Heavy Riders, Leader, Reduced Model Unit
Points: 4

Armored Horse Archer Troop #1: Heavy Riders, Mounted Missiles
Points: 5

Armored Horse Archer Troop #2: Heavy Riders, Mounted Missiles
Points: 5

Fred, Dragon Lord of the Skies: Greater Warbeast, Flame Attack, Flying, Single Model Unit
Points: 10

Total Warband Points: 24

Leader traits are generated randomly by a throw of 3D6.  The Captain of the Lonely Tree's trait is "Brave" meaning his unit is not affected by Fear.  I could choose up to 3 quests so I went with quests that would shape the flavor of the army since I felt we would be tracking down a band of stinking, smelly, no good, cheating orcs. The quests that were chosen (and kept secret from the orcs) were:

1. "I will destroy more units than I lose" (2 Glory Points): Destroy more enemy units than you lose.
2. "Every blade shall be drawn" (1 Glory Point):  Each of the units must succeed in making at least one Attack during the game.
3. "Drive them out" (1 Glory Point): The warband needs to make at least one enemy unit Retreat off the table during the game.

Rebar of the Crooked Sword: Heavy Foot, Offensive, Leader, Reduced Model Unit
Points: 6

Grumpy Orcs of the Big White Hand Banner: Bellicose Foot, Shiny Armor
Points: 6

Dragon Fodder Orcs: Light Foot
Points: 3

The "Who Us?" Orcs : Light Foot
Points: 3

Whatagut the Scary Troll: Bellicose Foot, Offensive, Single Model Unit
Points: 6

Total Warband Points: 24

Rebar picked up his 3 dice and rolled a "13" giving him the Leader trait of "Boneshaker".  With Boneshaker each turn one unit within 12 inches of the leader model may automatically pass an Attack activation test without needing to roll dice (but not Wild Charge).  Uh oh.

The vile quests that the foul smelling horde chose:

1. "Smite their champions" (2 Glory Points): The orcs must rout or kill the enemy's highest point value unit.  That would be Fred.
2. "They will tremble before me" (2 Glory Points):  At least two enemy units must be Battered at any one time.
3. "They shall taste our blades"(1 Glory Point):  The orcs must cause at least 3 Strength Points of damage in a single turn (distributed between one or more units).

 Boneshaker  . . . I like the sound of that.


We find out if Trolls are fire proof, the value of the "Who Us?" unit of orcs and also why it is important to carefully pick which mounted unit you want to move when you roll "1's".

Let the hacking and slashing begin!

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