Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Save the Hobbits! Part 1

The Hobbits have been captured!  Oh my!  The Forces of Evil (BWAH HAH HAH) have to get them off the table in the southwest corner.

 The view looking from the south.
The Forces of Evil (BWAH HAH HAH) have captured two hobbits.  They consist of Saruman the White (Elite Foot, Spellcaster, Leader, Reduced Model Unit), the Uruk-Hai (Elite Foot), Slog's Sluggers (Heavy Foot) and Oggugat's Awesome Orcs (Heavy Foot).  Saruman's leadership trait is Goader: Each turn one unit within 12 inches of Saruman automatically passes a Move without rolling dice.

 The view from the north.

Facing the Forces of Evil (BWAH HAH HAH) is Eomer's Troop of Rohan ( Heavy Riders, Leader, Mounted Missiles), Siward's Troop (Heavy Riders), The Three Hunters (Elite Foot, Missiles, Reduced Model Unit) and the Archers of Gondor (Light Missiles).  Eomer's leadership trait is Strong.  During Attacks the Leader's unit (whether attacking or defending) may reroll one failed hit die.

 The orcs get ready to move . . . and move they do very nicely!

 The Three Hunters spot their missing friends and move from the high ground . . . the Archers of Gondor, on the gripping hand, stay in place with no particular sense of urgency.

 Both mounted troops move out with a loud "Huzzah!"
 "Here come the pony boys", grunts Slog, "Head for the ford!"
 Slog's Sluggers rush for the ford while Oggugat's Awesome Orcs from a Wall of Spears.

"We have long sticks with points and we know how to use them!"
 The might of Rohan lets loose their arrows which only fell one orc.
 "Hey, have I mentioned we that we still are not moving?"
 Slog's Sluggers successfully make it to the ford while the Riders of Rohan paused to shoot.
 The "Goader" leadership trait has made the difference in the flexibility of the Forces of Darkness (BWAH HAH HAH).
 "Uh Oh."  The orcs notice what is coming straight for them.
 Meanwhile Oggugat's Awesome Orcs shield the left flank of the Uruk-Hai as they "escort" the hobbits.
 The battlefield after 2 turns.

 Crunch time.

"Ingon i athrad dammen beriathar aen!""Baruk Khazâd!"  The Three Hunters start slicing and dicing Slog's Sluggers.

At the same time Eomer's troop smashes into Oggugat's Awesome Orcs which hold their ground by the skin of their teeth.

During the clash on both flanks, the Uruk's slip between and head down the stream.

The reduced in size Oggugat's Awesome Orcs form a Wall of Spears to protecting the flank of the Uruks at the bidding of Saurman.

Darn that leadership trait!
The continuing sounds of sword on shields as the Rohirrim get ready for another charge.
Did I mention that we still haven't moved?  Everything looks fine from over here.
The Three Hunters keep slicing the orcs but they can't retreat due to the proximity of the Uruks and lose more casualties as a result.
And that's what I call a roll of dice!  The Three Hunters put a whammy on Slog's Sluggers.
The last of the orcs die to an, uh, orc but the Uruks head down the stream with the precious time that was bought them by the Sluggers.

They can smell victory.
"Hey - we can move!"  The archers finally start to move as it's realized that they need to plug the gap in the southwest corner to stop the Uruks.
I was so excited that they moved I had to take another picture . . . and then they stopped (sigh).

Eomer realizes that he must move quickly south and west to stop the escape of the Uruks.
(The sound of coconut shells)
The Three Hunters (reduced by one model) catch the Uruks from behind causing mayhem but not enough to rescue the hobbits.  Elite foot is so darn tough in rough terrain with the Ranger rule.  That's why they are elite.
The Archers of Gondor wander aimlessly over the battle field and start heading north in case the hobbits are rescued and they need to some fire support.

Meanwhile Siward's troop try to outflank Oggugat's Awesome Orcs

Look out - fire ball!
The Uruks are getting away.
I swapped Legolas for Gimli to remind me that they could shoot.
I am invincible!
 . . . and just in the nick of time the cavalry arrives!
After a vicious fight the hobbits are saved . . . but the battle is not over yet.

Next: We learn why we should not count our hobbits until they are hatched or something like that, that Saruman can get pretty cranky and what the heck are the Archers of Gondor doing?


  1. The Forces of Evil (BWAH HAH HAH)suck! 'Ray! For the hobbits...fight on...


  2. That was a very entertaining report... Thanks for that!

  3. Great report, Neil! Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Loving all your Dragon Rampant reports! Do keep em coming. 😊