Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bydand: The Gordon Highlanders

The Gordon Highlanders were the amalgamation of the 75th Highland Regiment and the 92nd Highland Regiment, raised in 1787 and 1784 respectively.  The Childers Reforms restructured the British army infantry Regiments and the reorganization created a network of multi-battalion Regiments each having two regular and two militia battalions except in Ireland were two regular and three militia battalions became the standard. 

The newly formed Regiment, while stationed in India went on to serve in various foreign campaigns including The Relief of the Chitral Expedition 1895 and the Tirah Campaign of 1897 - 1898.

 Drummer James Roddick of the Gordon Highlanders defends a wounded officer during British attack at Gundi Mulla Sahibdad during the Battle of Kandahar.

It was also during this time that the regiment supposedly, along with the 14th Sikhs, participated in the  "Roopkund Lake" Campaign (or Incident) located in the most inhospitable regions of the Himalayan MountainsThis reportedly involving Chinese Imperial forces and unusual and unconfirmed units from both empires. The British Raj refuses to comment on the operation.

The Roopkund Lake Incident?

It was during operations on the North West Frontier in October 1897, during the storming of the Dargai Heights, that one of the regiment's most famous Victoria Crosses was earned. Piper George Findlater, despite being wounded in both legs, continued to play "The Haughs O' Cromdale" on the bagpipes during the assault.

 Sergeant George Findlater wearing the Victorian Cross.

Another of the heroes involved the charge of the Gordon Highlanders at Dargai Heights was Piper John Kidd. Piper Kidd was with Piper Findlater when, half-way up the heights, both pipers were shot down. Unmindful of his injuries, Piper Kidd sat up and continued to play "The Cock o' the North" as the troops advanced up the heights.

My unit consists of an officer, piper and NCO from Perry Miniatures' Sudan Range while the rankers are from Artizan designs.  The unit was designed to be used for both In Her Majesty's Name (in which bagpipes cause terror!) and for The Men Who Would be Kings.



  1. Impressive figures! both the real chaps and the miniatures.

    1. Thanks. The Artizan figures are well sculpted making the painting a lot easier. I have enjoyed doing the research on the regiment.

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    1. Thank you Phil. I also had a lot of phone experimenting with the pictures to get a period feel.

  3. Wow, they look awesome!