Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

IHMN: To Trap a King

Captain's Log October 26th, 1894.  Soon my crew and myself will jump by luft harness from the HMS Swordfish onto the mysterious island of Astragard.  I have familiarized myself with the files provided by Doctor Watson on this "Witch King" and have planned appropriately. Our species can only survive if we have obstacles to overcome. Without them to strengthen us, we will weaken and die. I will stop this obstacle. Sometimes a feeling is all we humans have to go on . . .

Captain J. T. Kirk and the crew of the damaged USS Audacity.

The Witch King is still on the island of Astragard but has not found the mystical Spear of Odin and has decided to return to his foul secret hideout through use of a Way Point.  Unfortunately for the Witch King, Engineer Jack "The Kid" Prescott and Aviatrix (Helmsman) Fia O'Sullivan have dropped by luft harness right on top of the Way Point.

 This jurry-rigging bomb won't last for long!

Aye, the hagis is in the fire now for sure!

Honorable Son #5 (BWAH HAH HAH) and myself decided to play a 300 point game using the Witch King of Sokur versus the Airship Pirates of Captain J. T. Kirk.  Since we still had the village of Børglum on the table we decided to use the same terrain but to play the Breakthrough scenario from In Her Majesty's Name. 


We decided on a 12 turn game (hey I wake up early and have to work!) and the Witch King and/or minions must escape to the other edge of the table before overwhelming reinforcements show up from the warriors of Astragard.

Note:  I do not know what I was doing with my camera but these are possibly the fuzziest shots I have ever taken.  Be forewarned!

New Die!

The Troglodytes are led by the Destroyer through Børglum.

Left to Right:  Crewman Aiden O'Sullivan, Crewman Felicity Gimble and Number 1 block the bridge.  Number 1 has the Meticulous Planning talent which comes in very handy in keeping the Witch King out of most of the fight.

The rest of the crew, led by Captain Kirk outflank the putrid minions of the Witch King.

 Another view as they move to the right flank.
 Lieutenant Rupert Scrivner, late of Her Majesty's Royal Marines takes up an excellent position for cross fire . . .

The Witch King is moved by the Meticulous planing skill away from the crew. 
Cover and firing positions will be key early in the game. 
 The Blocking force.

 Crewman Giles "If it was good enough for my pappy it's good enough for me" Oldershaw Smith charges into the fray.  At 18 points he is technically the weakest crewman.

 "Feel the wrath of the Destroyer!!!"
 Special Agent George Curtis, US Secret Service, defends against 2 of the troglodytes.

 "Keep moving!"
 The blocking force continues to fight the Destroyer.
Crewman  O'Sullivan kills one of the Ruga-ruga guard from the high point of the bridge with his radium rifle.  Most importantly it breaks the "Water bullets" spell that the Witch King had cast earlier.

 Number 1 moves the Witch King into the ruined building.
And they will be fighting in the streets.

Number 1 is knocked down by the destroyer.

 The Witch King, who is really put off by not being in the fight, makes his move and starts to move toward Captain Kirk.

 Nothing like a good radium pistol shot to knock down a Witch King!

Number 1 successfully gets up and Gunner Joachim Ziemssan nails a troglodyte with his radium rifle.

 SA Curtis falls to the blades of the troglodytes . . . 
 . . . while Crewman Smith kills a troglodyte with his handy saber.

 The Witch King successfully gets up and engages Kirk in hand to hand combat.  Of course Kirk does a body roll and avoids the first swing of the cursed blade after missing with his radium pistol.

The Destroyer overcomes Number 1.

Smith is attacked by two of the Witch Kings minions and kills another troglodyte. "Yeah", Smith muses, "these troglodytes were much tougher in the old days."

 In a dastardly move, a troglodyte sneaks up on Kirk and klunks him on the head. (Yep, rolled a 1 for pluck!)
 O'Sullivan is knocked down by one of the Ruga-ruga guard.  Events are starting to go the Witch King's way.
Gunner Ziemssan also falls to the Destroyer as Crewman Gimble is the only one left blocking the enemy from getting to the other side.

 A Ruga-ruga guard falls to Lieutenant Scrivners radium rifle.

 Smith kills another enemy!  Is there nothing that can stop this geriatric warrior of a man?

 The enemy attacks Lieutenant Scrivners.

 Another view.
"You shall not pass" yells Crewman Gimble as she repeatedly fires her radium pistol.

 "What's that noise I hear behind me?"

 Time is up for the Witch King as the warriors of Astragard advance in overwhelming force.

 Doctor Watson arrives just in time to save Kirk.

Another great game and the Airship pirates held up suprisingly well against the Witch King.  Kudos to the Meticulous Planning talent which kept the Witch King out of most of the game.  The other hero was Crewman Smith who at 18 points was amazing with the Grumbling talent (Erudite Wit) cutting down foe after foe with his saber.  Now that the Witch King is trapped, what next?  And whatever happened to Professor Nightengale?

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  1. Awesome to see IHMN being played. Thank you for posting and blogging.