Saturday, March 4, 2017

2017: The Plan

I had so much success last year with my plan I decided I would have a plan for 2107 also . . . well, no it's March and I finally have a plan!

1. Finish my British Field Force for the 2nd Afghan War for the rules The Men Who Would Be Kings.  I have one British infantry unit to go and eventually, though probably not this year, I will add a British Regular cavalry unit.  UPDATE: I finished the last unit before this blog was scheduled for posting.  Huzzah!

 The last unit is done!

2.  Start and finish an Afghan Regulars Field Force for the 2nd Afghan War for The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Currently I plan on doing 2 to 3 Afghan Army Infantry units, 1 to 2 Afghan Army cavalry units, 1 to 2 Afghan Tribal units and 1 Afghan Army artillery unit.

 Test figure for an Afghan Infantry unit.

3. Finally finish the last 2 cavalry units I need to for my King Arthur army for Dux Bellorum as the Saxons are starting to make inroads.

 Where is the rest of my cavalry?

4. Some add on figures and maybe an additional company for "In Her Majesty's Name."

More fun for the world of 1895.

5.  Now the big one . . . I have decided to go back to my gaming roots.  It was the plastic 20mm (1/72 Scale) Airfix Napoleonic figures that first really got me interested in gaming and collecting soldiers as a kid.

Then I discovered Bruce Quarrie's Airfix gaming guide, that eventually became Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature that got be hooked on real wargaming with toy soldiers when I was a teenager.

In tribute to my first love of gaming, I have decided it's time to go back and do 1:72 scale; not only to save money and space, but also as I have recently discovered the unbelievable quality and variety of 1/72 scale figures and periods.  I used to have a 15 mm Zulu army and now I have decided to do both the British and Zulus in 1/72 scale soft plastic figures.  I am going to dive in to researching and developing my two army lists for the project but I definitely knew that I wanted to do mounted British infantry.  So with a quick eBay purchase of $ 8.95 a box of HaT British Mounted Infantry were delivered for me to test my preparation and painting techniques for soft plastic figures.  On with the show!


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  1. I shall look forward to watching you realize your plans!