Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

British Field Force

Huzzah!  I have completed my first Field Force for The Men Who Would be Kings.  I have based my force on the British Army for the 2nd Afghan War, or really, just about any action along the Northwest Frontier from 1878 to 1900.

Somewhere along the Northwest Frontier.

The Field Force has 3 Regular Infantry units and 2 Crewed Weapons allowing me to use either an
Field gun or Machine Gun.  Eventually I will add a Regular Cavalry unit but first I want to finish my Afghan Field Force.

 The 14th Sikhs.  Figures are from Artizan Designs.

When I use the machine gun in the game I will add two of the crew figures from the field gun.  Machine gun from Copplestone Castings Back of Beyond range.

 Gordon Highlanders.  Officer, sergeant and piper from Perry Miniatures and other ranks from Artizan Designs.

 Piping Cock o' the North.

 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot.

 Officer from Artizan Designs and other ranks by Perry Miniatures.

Sikh Mountain Gun.

Figures by Artizan Designs.  Figure with rifle is a conversion with an Artizan head and a Copplestone Casting body.

I like adding "personalities" to my games.
Looking over the valley is Colonel Dugald Armstrong, VC, DSO and his daughter Coira Armstrong while Melton Prior sketches the scene.

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  1. They look superb, excellent job and amazing faces...