Sunday, January 27, 2019

IHMN: The Americans in the War of the Witches, Part 2

When evil inter-dimensional alien bad meanies go bump in the night, there is a Ivy League University that can help!

1.  Miskatonic University. A university located in Arkham, a town in Essex County, Massachusetts in the United States of America. It is named after the Miskatonic River which flows near the campus.  Miskatonic University is a highly prestigious university, on par with Harvard University, and that Harvard and Miskatonic are the two most popular schools for the children of the Massachusetts “Old Gentry”. 

The Dunwich Horror
Miskatonic University is famous for its collection of occult books. The library holds one of the very few genuine copies of the Necronomicon. Other tomes include the Unaussprechlichen Kulten by Friedrich von Junzt and the fragmentary Book of Eibon. The faculty and staff are some of the most respected men and women in their fields; however, very few know that they are also part of the secret war against numerous inter-dimensional beings that seek to destroy and repopulate Earth . . . and the occasional human bad guy has been stopped by these academicians.

Interestingly none of the "Witches" have attempted to steal the academic treasures of Miskatonic University . . . could the destruction of the "Dunwich Horror" given them pause?

 Dr. Francis Morgan is Professor of Medicine and Comparative Anatomy (or Archaeology) at Miskatonic University.  Also part of the trio that destroyed "The Dunwich Horror."  Loves large caliber bolt action magazine fed rifles and uses Cthulhu Cultists as target practice.

2. The Knights Templars Chapter of the USA.  The chapter of the Knights Templars is small but effective; they have stopped the Wicked Witch of the West on one occassion.  Due to their small numbers, they relay on other liked minded individuals and adventurers that like to . . . um . . . destroy monsters and other bad guys.

The American Knights Templars

 The Wolf does not stand a chance against a Master

Excerpt verbatim from the private notes of Sir Ralph, Secretary to the Chapter Master:

"Welcome to Dodge City Grandmaster." Sir Hugues de Payens, the secret Grandmaster of the Knights Templars looked at Sir John Singleton, Master of the Templar Knights in the United States.
"So it is true Sir John. The Americans are moving the Helmet and breastplate of Jason of the Argonauts?"
"Yes Sir Hugues. But there is a problem. We suspect The Witch is after the helmet and we in America have little experience with these beings from other worlds and mystical powers."
"You are fortunate.  There is an English "practicing" detective who deduced who I was and shared with me some interesting information."
"And . . . ," Sir John's voice trailed.
"There is an American adventurer who has faced the Witch King of Sokur and lived.  We must find this Theodore Roosevelt."
"And should we find him?"
"Then we will do what we do best.  Kill monsters."

Next up: The Bravest American of them all - and she's a princess!


  1. Aragorn as a Knights Templer, love it!

    1. They were recruiting and he just happened to be in the neighborhood . . .