Thursday, September 26, 2019

2019 Third Quarter Update: Miniatures that were Painted

It's been a wild quarter with quite a bit of work at, well, work. Be we had some great gaming and once again spent a lot of time in the late 19th Century and inching up into the Pulp Era. First up: What I painted:

1. The Witch King Returns!!! For Honorable Son #5's graduation present, I asked him to pick out a figure or figures for me to paint. Of course he picked a new figure to represent the Witch King of Sokur from GW's Lord of the Rings line.

2. Damsels in Distress. More great figures from Pulp Figures.

3. Kwai Chang Caine and the Martial Arts from Justice. Some great figures from NorthStar that were a delight to paint.

4. Fu Manchu! Pulp Figures again.

 5. Gunga Din and the Sergeants Three. Pulp Figures again . . . are we seeing a pattern?


6. The Mad Guru and Thugs. Yep . . . Pulp Figures again.


7. The 14th Sikhs Special Action Company. Yes I am personally financing Bob Murch at Pulp Figures.

8. The Mechanical Arachnids of Fu Manchu. When I saw these from NorthStar for the game Frost Grave, I knew they would be perfect for Victorian Sci Fi/Pulp Adventuring.

9. Pulp Figures D-Day Commemorative Figure. This came free with my first Pulp Figure's order.

10. Brigadier General Daniel Morgan. With the publication of Rebels and Patriots I am slowly going to build of forces for both sides of the American Revolution in the South. Figure from Perry Miniatures.

 11. The Mechanical Robot Man of Fu Manchu is the Warbot figure from Hydra Miniatures.

 12. Arkham Intrepid Investigators from Crucible Crush.com

13. Blue Blistering Bell-Bottomed Balderdash! It's Captain Haddock!

Next: The games!


  1. What a brilliant 3 month output. Cracking stuff!

    1. Thanks though I think the production may slow down the next three months.

  2. Diversified and superb, what a fantastic work!!

    1. I've been having a lot of fun reliving the adventures and thrills of my younger years.