Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Arkham Investigators 2 from Crucible Crush

Okay, the group shot is a bit fuzzy but I think you get the idea of what 28 mm figures (not counting the resin Yog Sothoth that also comes with the set) come with Crucible Crush's Arkham Investigators 2 from their Cthulhu 1928 figure line. I'll be honest, I bought the set because the mariner figure looked like a certain famous captain who will soon make his debut in our adventures, but the other figures are great and easy to paint (not a rifle bandolier or ammunition belt in sight!).

The Intrepid Reporters out to get the scoop. Why does the photographer always die when he gets the evidence on film?

This will be the new figure for Miss Doris Horus of the Miskatonic University Library and of course the figure to the right will be Captain Haddock exclaiming, "Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon!"

The first superhero: Mandrake the Magician.

The Detectives. 

The Countess and her maid. 

Every town has one: The cryptic old geezer who knows the old tales and is not afraid to make a Molotov cocktail.

 Of course those Molotov cocktails come in handy when destroying unspeakable horrors!


  1. Wonderful team, especially Haddock. Fantastic brushwork Neil.

    1. Captain Haddock is going to have his own entry soon and will be joking Tintin in an attempt to save the world from cast of villains.