Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Mechanical Robot Man of Fu Manchu (Episode 5.16.2)

"See Lo Pan, getting all of those doctorates and student loans paid off. My beautiful creation using the Green Mist will further our plans and confuse the real purpose of what we are doing." 

 The Mechanical Robot Man of Fu Manchu is the Warbot figure from Hydra Miniatures figure that I happened to see when I was browsing their web site. Yep, you guessed it. I thought to myself "Shiny new toy!" and I knew Fu Manchu needed it.

It is a metal figure that comes in 4 parts: head, 2 arms and the body. The way the head and arms are made allow you to glue them into whatever position you want.

For In Her Majesty's Name I am using the stats for the Kaiser Wilhem heavy walker. If it takes a hit involving the helmsman (it has none - it's a robot!) I will use a 5+ for the Pluck roll. I believe this baby is going to have an Arc cannon fire from its eye and of course have steam claws.

The robot compliments and will be working closely with the mechanical arachnids.

"Snowy, we find the weirdest things at the wrong time."


  1. Unusual and superb, lovely robot Neil!

    1. When I saw that robot I knew it would go perfectly with Fu Manchu's mechanical arachnids. Battle Report to come as the Witch King gets jealous and takes on Fu Manchu.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Bill. It was a lot of fun to paint getting the old style retro look.