Friday, April 26, 2019

IHMN: The Boy Detective

Yep, it's Tintin.

Born on January 10, 1929, the world famous Tintin and his faithful companion Snowy (a War Poodle) are trapped in the year 1895. Though only 18 years old, he is the most overpaid reporter from Belgium as it appears he has never posted an article. Fortunately he is a top notch detective and adventurer who despises the thought of evil going unpunished . . . and let's face it, the kid is just darn lucky.

Among his friends, Snowy comes first. Admittedly he is a dog (but a War Poodle), but he is above all, the faithful friend of Tintin with a generous spirit.


Tintin has a sharp intellect, can defend himself, and is honest, decent, compassionate, and kind. Through his (so called) investigative reporting, quick-thinking, and all-around good nature, Tintin is always able to solve the mystery and complete the adventure. But now he is in an adventure where there may be no way out . . .

"Snowy! How did we get here?"
  "Tintin! Are we dead? Say yes or no but answer me!"

Snowy is Tintin's sidekick and companion on journeys.  He is able to understand human language, and communicates with Tintin telepathically. His verbal responses to various situations include jokes, expressions of fright, and pleas to Tintin to exercise caution. As a dog (War Poodle), he also sniffs, tracks, chases, and bites.

"Of course if we hadn't walk through a mysterious gate in the middle of no where, we would be home by now (and where did the trees go?)"

Snowy is often dry and cynical which balances out Tintin's constantly positive, optimistic perspective. Snowy is brave and is often fearless against much larger creatures when Tintin is threatened. He has repeatedly freed Tintin from captivity and ha saved him from many a dangerous situations - including sometimes identifying a villain before Tintin. His only fear is arachnophobia and only weakness is whiskey and occasionally, I am ashamed to say, gets drunk.

 "Maybe if I walk through it again . . . drats. That didn't work!  It might be the end of the world!"

Name: Tintin
Pluck: (you guessed it) 2+ 
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: +4
Speed: +1
Points: 60
Talents: Leader +1 (only for bumbling detectives, absent minded scientists and/or professors and alcoholics. To use this skill with anyone else requires a pluck roll), Engineer, Mechanic, Fearless, Lightening Draw (pistol), Swimming, and Intuitive. Also likes punching communists.
Basic Equipment: Pistol and Brigadine

"We can't turn back. Not now, not now."

Name: Snowy
Pluck: 4+ 
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: N/A
Speed: +2
Points: 31
Talents: Erudite Wit, Fearless (except against spiders and arachnoid type creatures which causes terror) Intuitive, War Poodle (+1 Weapon bonus). Also likes biting communists.
Basic Equipment: Teeth, claws, fur (Armor 9)

 "Tin and Snowy, my name is Randolph Carter and we need to talk."
"Hooray! Hooray! The end of the world has been postponed!" 
"That's what we need to talk about . . ."


  1. Our worries have receded, with Dorothy and Tin-Tin on the scene, the bad guys don't stand a chance...except the spiders and flying monkey types.

    1. Good point about the flying monkeys. Snowy may have to roll for pluck if engaging them in hand to hand.

  2. Tintin is a great character for your games - nice figure too.