Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Friday, April 19, 2019

IHMN: Prelude of What's to come in the War of the Witches

"Have you seen any monsters?"
"Yes, I have seen quite a few."
"Are you afraid of the monsters?"
"No, they are afraid of me."
Not much on the gaming front lately with work, school, researching the AWI in the South, etc.; but we are getting ready to continue the "War of the Witches" campaign using the great rules In Her Majesty's Name.  On the other hand, I have finished (or have gotten real darn close) the rest of the "main" players and accessories to finish the campaign.  Here are some pictures of what is coming and don't be fooled by some of the pictures as I was using the old Hero Quest accessories as a background - but don't worry; we will be in Darkest Africa, the Wild West, North Piddle and maybe a surprise location or two!

 (L to R Coira Armstrong, Mycroft Holmes (The Government), Colonel Armstrong VC, DSO, Mr. Randolph Carter and Sherlock Holmes)

"I have deduced where the Tesla gates are coming from," announced Sherlock Holmes.
"I know where they come from," replied Mr. Carter," The question is, who is creating them?"

"It's time to rescue Professor Nightengale, and I know exactly who we should send since Lord Greystoke is keeping an eye on She Who Must Be Obeyed."

"So this is what you have been investigating in North Piddle!"

Now is the time to strike - and I want the Chinese and The Shadow dead.

Meanwhile in the Miskatonic University Library - "This is NOT good." (note: The same figure will be Mycroft Holmes and Professor Albert N. Wilmarth)

Wanted Dead or Alive: The Wicked Witch of the West

The threat of Lo Pan - can Jack Burton be far behind?

The Witch King of Sokur returns!  And he is not happy (plus we need him for the campaign now that Omar is dead!)

"We must do this for the Republic to survive!"

This is definitely not good for mankind.

 "Let's see how the Tin Man likes this!"

The key to Victory?

Trouble in Oz.

Dr. Watson on active duty with Department H (there is no Department H) finds the Caretaker of the British Museum Annex in North Piddle - but something is on their trail.


  1. Amusing and entertaining. Enjoying the characters and commentary

  2. Looking forward to the new adventures.