Saturday, April 13, 2019

IHMN: Epilogue, It's a Trap! (Episode 5.2.1)

"Captain Cold, Baron Maupertuis, and Allan Smith have survived.  Bad Jack died of his wounds as did the hired thugs."
"And The Shadow?"
"Nothing Professor."
"I will talk to the Government."
"That pompous overweight fool?"
"Please Colonel, though our truce is temporary and may end any minute, I need information from him. There is something strange about North Piddle, and I don't like to not have information. I don't think this Witch King or The Wicked Witch of the West are all they seem.  And where is Nightengale now that the Witch King is in custody? Plus Allan Quartermain has disappeared. "

Speaking of Quartermain . . .

"Oh this cannot be good."


  1. Nice, love the wonderful and atmospheric first picture...

    1. Phil - Thanks. They are all accessories from the old Hero Quest game.