Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Most of my Honorable Sons (My Geeks in Training)

Miniature Wargaming, in my opinion and in preference, is a social affair involving family and friends. Though I never got my beautiful bride to play with my historically accurate fighting men of yesterday which she refers to as "toy soldiers" The LORD has blessed me with my 5 Honorable Sons who latched onto my hobby with a passion. It was either that or they did not get to eat  . . . !

It was really great when all of us were able to rendezvous at my parent's house (except for Honorable Son #3 (The Engineer) who was the engineer on duty during plant shut down).

The middle child is always left out: L to R: Honorable Son #1 (The Librarian), Honorable Son #4 (The best 18th Century General on the face of the planet), Me (The Leader of the Clan), Honorable Son #5 (The Skirmisher AKA The Witch King) and Honorable Son #2 (The Captain)

Honorable Son #3 (The Engineer) from an upcoming blog on the updated version of Ogre 


  1. Much Respect.

    I only have three!

  2. I have only 2. They are willing to play now and then, but to them wargaming is really no different than gussied-up Monopoly or Risk. Damned Hellspawn!

  3. Good looking group. Family get-togethers, do they include a game? ;-)

  4. Great photo.. well done. I have 3 lads (much younger) but all keen on wargames figures of one form or another.