Monday, January 8, 2018

2017: The Miniature Year in Review, Part 5

How did I forget this?
I'm honored to have some of my Afrika Korps miniatures featured in one of my favorite rules authors Daniel Mersey's latest book A Wargamers's Guide to The Desert War 1940-1943 available on Amazon and at other fine retailers.

It's humbling to see miniatures you have painted in the same company with Michael Perry of Perry Miniatures, Wargames Illustrated and Big Lee himself!  (If you have not seen Big Lee's Miniature Adventures, you are in for a treat!)

Afrika Korps 88mm Gun featured in the book
If you want to see the other photos, you have to buy Dan's book!  Here is the summary: Continuing this exciting new series of guides for wargamers, Dan Mersey gives a wargamer's perspective on the North African campaign of World War II. Dan gives an overview of events from the opening British successes against the Italians, to the famous duels between Monty and the Rommel (the Desert Fox), right up to the US-led invasion of Operation Torch and the eventual defeat of the Afrika Korps, and offers advice on how to recreate these on the gaming table. Daniel Mersey discusses factors to consider when choosing an appropriate set of commercially available rules, or devising your own, to best suit the scale and style of battle you want and to capture the flavour of the period. The relevant ranges of figures and vehicle models are also reviewed. Analysis of the forces involved, organization, tactics and strategies will help with building your armies and there are interesting scenarios included. Whether this is a new period for you, or you are looking to refresh your existing interest in the period, this handy guide is sure to hold much if interest for you.

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