Wednesday, January 10, 2018

One-Hour Wargames: Introducing Wargaming to a Fifth Grader

This is scenario One from One-Hour Wargames the ACW rules which has the simple victory conditions of destroying the most enemy forces.  Enemy forces are removed once they have accumulated fifteen hits.  My opponent was a fifth grader (age 11) and even though I handicapped myself a bit, he did a good job of pulling victory out right at the last moment.  I wish I would I have taken better notes to give a good battle report but the key is knowing when to move as moving units cannot fire.  Also, do not let units get isolated as they can get ganged up on (just like in real life) and shot to pieces.  The scenario lasted 15 turns.  My esteemed opponent was the Union an I played the Confederates.

With the ACW portion if you envision each stand as a brigade or artillery battery it works quite well. The entire game took about 45 minutes to play.

 Union set-up at the beginning of the game.

 My Confederate set-up.  The unit with the flag is elite infantry which moves 3" faster and has a +2 for firing.
 My esteemed opponent.
 Confederates moving up the hill.
 Union Zouaves (elite infantry)

 Simple excel spreadsheet for keeping track of the hits and turns. Units with asterix are elite infantry.  Unit names are on the bottom of the bases.

 Musketry range is 12" and the hits are starting to pile up.

 The Union commander starts to worry about his right flank and starts shifting forces right.

 Confederates are taking hits as they move across the open ground.

Insert "Rebel Yell".

 A solid Union Firing line.

 The Union forces start to take some hits.  Note that the 29th Alabama has been eliminated.

 Lots of firing going back and forth as both armies seem to be stuck in "killing ground".

 Confederates steadily advance in the face of withering fire.
 Yikes!!! Where did all of the Confederate units go?  Musketry took a deadly toll.

And that's the game with a Union Victory!  Confederates lost 4 units while the Union lost 3.


  1. Great set up for explaining wargaming. Well done.

  2. Agreed--fine job! I like the units, too. Many in the hobby sneer at plastic figures, but I think they look fine, and they are at least affordable.