Tuesday, January 23, 2018

One Hour Wargames: The Participants

In the year 1744 tensions were rising between The Grand Dukedom of Bluehofen and the Principality of Redsteinerburg over disputed territory that both countries claimed.  Soon a minor skirmish would turn into all out war on the table top . . .

The mighty participants representing The Grand Dukedom of Bluehofen.

Their dangerous counterparts from The Principality of Redsteinerburg.

 The Battlefield.
 I used my English Civil War figures to discuss the transition in Western Warfare from the 1600's to the Age of Reason in the 1700's.
 Introducing the types of units.

 In the Horse and Musket rules there are four types of units: Infantry, Skirmishers, Cavalry and Artillery.

We spent the rest of the first class practicing moving, shooting and charging.  Next week the first battle of the campaign.


  1. I quite like the armies done that way, actually. Do you plan to leave them like that or is it interim step?

    1. I really haven't decided yet. I was in a rush to get them done and as introductory armies I like the look also.

    2. Well, you've certainly inspired me. I have two plastic ACW armies I don't know what to do with and two plastic Samurai armies I don't know what to do with - but I think you've just given me the hint I needed! Thanks, and cheers!