Tuesday, January 16, 2018

One-Hour Wargames: Grand Dukedom of Bluehofen

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my Co-op class "One-Hour Wargames: The American Civil War" had been so popular, we decided to do for this semester "One-Hour Wargames: The Age of Reason".  As I knew that I would not have the time to paint the armies, I decided to literally have blue and red armies by spray painting the figures and painting the 3" x 1" Litko bases green.

I now present the Grand Dukedom of Bluehofen:

The might of the Grand Dukedom of Bluehofen. 
The infantry are 1/72 scale from Strelets's Swedish Infantry of Charles XII.

 Skirmishers are dismounted dragoons from Zvezda's Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII.

 The cavalry are from Zvezda's Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII.
 The artillery are 3 lbs. from Zvezda's Swedish Artillery of Charles XII.


  1. I like the concept. Neil. I reckon the battlefields will look spectacular with 'Principality of Redheim' or whatever facing these guys.

    There is a bloke I know of somewhere in my town who years ago bought up huge quantities of ACW figures to 'do' Gettysburg. I don't recall how many thousands of figures he collected. But I was told he didn't want to paint them up. Well, it'd be a big job. But the very idea you have used here occurred to me as a fine compromise. Blue and grey on green bases would look just the thing. One addition I did consider, though - an idea picked up from Age of Empires figures: spray painting the horses black or brown.