Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: The Year in Plaid

Plaid and tartans and stripes - oh my!  Yes, 2014 was the year of the kilt. Not only did I finish my two clan units for the English Civil War, but I also painted a unit of Gordon Highlanders for the Sudan.

It only took 3.57 days for my eyes to uncross after finishing

Perry Miniatures are always a pleasure to paint

With a total of 37 blog posts this year it makes it easy to track what I have done in the exciting world of Accurate Historical (and sometimes Fantasy) Representations of Fighting Men . . . or as my wife calls them, Toy Soldiers. Not only was it the year of parallel and perpendicular lines, but also the majority of my time was spent in the 17th Century with my English Civil War project. In addition to the 2 clan units I also finished 2 army command stands, 1 brigade command stand, 1 regiment of foot and 2 regiments of horse.  Probably the most exciting part was playing 3 games of Victory Without Quarter which allowed the forces to fight for King and Country.

 Rupert's Horse -Perry Miniatures

 The Earl of Essex - Miniature from Warlord Games

Other than the English Civil War I made a major leap in Dark Age Gaming by rebasing and painting new figures for Dux Bellorum.

 The fading might of Rome

 Figures from Wargames Foundry

 Above is the completed Late Roman army and here are some pics of the new Early Saxon army:

 You can never have enough Barbarians

On the horizon in 2015 are plans to finish the Romano-Britain army (Arthur), the Sea Raider army (Vikings) and eventually paint a Late Saxon army.

 The first 3 units of cavalry for Arthur

 Plus 2 Gaze of Intimidation!

 Gripping Beast Vikings

Throw in some Lord of the Rings gaming and it was a highly successful year!  Best wishes and may the Lord Jesus bless you in 2015.

 The Vikings make their combat debut against the Uruk-Hai

The Dux Bellorum gazes into the future dreaming of future conquests . . .