Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Montrose Irish Pike and Command WIP #2

I have finished painting the pike and command figures and it is now time to base them.  My infantry are mounted for Victory Without Quarter and are on 60 x 60 mm wooden bases that I purchased from Litko Game Accessories. Litko's prices are extremely reasonable and their service is outstanding.

After positioning the figures and checking their spots I affixed them with copious amounts of white glue.  The Irish Brigade Flag is from Project Auldearn 1645.  If you have not checked out this site you are in for a treat!

When positioning the figures I try to think: "What is happening in this moment of time with this unit?" The idea I came up is the officer is positioning the pikes and using the unit color as a guide. Some of the pikemen are still moving up while others are already positioning the pikes forward.

Pikes have not been added yet. The metal pikes that came with the figures are top quality and will be the last items added after the bases are finished.

Sand has been added to the base. I just use ordinary hobby sand that is sold at most stores that have model railroads for sell. I am generous with the watered down white glue. After letting it dry overnight I add another layer of glue to seal the sand in place. This extra step is worth the effort as it makes it easier to paint and protects against wear and tear.

Reload marker and one of the casualty markers. I experimented using GW's Flesh wash on the jacket of the casualty and then I went back over the jacket with the gray I was using. In the picture you can see the difference in the two jackets that were painted the same way except the musketeer reloading does not have the wash. I liked the result and will probably do that on a few of the musketeer figures to give some variety with the gray jackets.