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Monday, December 23, 2013

Warlord Games Highlanders

My wargaming birthday present this year is a box of Warlord Game's Highland Clansmen boxed set and a blister pack of Highlanders.

Wow.  Do these figures have character.  And some are well fed.  They are perfect for the English Civil Wars and other periods up to Bonnie Prince Charlie.  There are a total of 19 figures including command . . . and the "taunting" highlander that comes only with the boxed set.  He will definitely be a status marker for Victory Without Quarter!  There is a nice variety of well armed figures for the first rank and the less well to do in the rear.  I particularly liked the figure that is taking some liquid courage!  As usual there is an information sheet with the box and a variety of flags.

I painted the Laird first who will be a brigade commander for the clans or possibly other units that will be added later.  

For Victory Without Quarter I will be mounting 5 to 6 figures per base.  So as not to drive myself insane painting plaid, I will be doing the figures a few at a time while I paint other units.  I have finished the first stand of figures and just need to finish the base. 

 I like the fact that the clansman with the lochaber axe is hefty.  Nice to see a variety of "body" sizes with the figures.

The wood base is from Litko.  An excellent product, fast service and great prices.

The flag is another free download from Wargame Designs that I have been using for all of my ECW units.

Year End Goal Accomplished!

Huzzah!  I accomplished my December goal of painting 2 Regiments of Foot for the English Civil War.  Newcastle's Whitecoats are officially mustered and in the King's service.

Casualty marker from Warlord's "Shotte down in Flames" blister pack.  I added the helmet from the plastic Warlord Infantry box.

Each unit will have 2 casualty markers.  I added a plastic sword to his hand; another extra from the plastic box set.

Close up of casualty marker.  The casualties are metal figures.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Units for the GW's Battle of Five Armies

I really enjoy painting 10 mm figures - in fact, I think they are easier than other scales.  I concentrate on painting the "unit" as opposed to the individual figures.  Focus on the armor, shields, some straps and flags and you will have fine looking units in no time.

I would not at all be surprised if GW releases the Battle of Five Armies again to coincide with the third Hobbit movie.  Here are the units that come with the game:

Here are the leaders of the Forces of Evil:  Bolg with banner, 2 Goblin leaders on wargs and 1 Goblin Shaman

Forgot to mention; the ruins come with the game to represent the destroyed city of Dale.
L to R: Dain Ironfoot, Bard, Gandalf and Bilbo, the Elf King and Thorin Oakenshield

There are 8 units of Goblin Infantry

2 Units of Wood Elf Infantry

2 Units of Elvish Archers

1 Unit of Archers of Men

1 Unit of Infantry from Rivertown

2 Units of Dwarves

Beorn in bear mode attacking Bolg the Goblin king

The Eagles

The Eagles again!

Elvish Infantry on one of the Spurs of Lonely Mountain.  There are 2 hill sections that come with the game.

4 units of Wargs

4 units of Wolf Riders

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Since the new Hobbit movie is out . . .

With the release of the second Hobbit movie, Honorable Son #5 thought it would be a good idea to play Games Workshop's The Battle of Five Armies againWhen the GW first released the game, it quickly sold out.  Using their Warmaster set of rules, the boxed game comes with everything you need for the battle including the heroes, armies and terrain.

With our refight, Honorable Son #5 led the Forces of Good and decided to be more aggressive instead of waiting for the evil hordes to overwhelm him on Lonely Mountain.

Honorable Son #5 moves the Dwarves into action

The Goblins Advance

Wood Elves with the Elf King and Thorin Oakenshield

The Wargs outflank the men of Rivertown.

Time to charge the Elves
 After some initial moves, the battle started to become a slug fest as the Forces of Evil (BWAH HAH HAH!) started to slowly overcome the valiant forces under Gandalf.

The Goblins start to force back the Elves

The Eagles Arrive
Just when victory was in my grasp, Bolg (the army general) and the Goblin Guard were reduced to one stand.  Knowing that I would lose the game if Bolg was killed, I moved him and and the guard back behind a line of goblins.

Unfortunately there was a small gap and Gandalf the wizard cast a
fire ball spell that caused 3 shooting hits - just enough to eliminate the last stand and Bolg with it!


Well, you can't win them all.  In the next post, I will show the forces that come with the game.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lord Brooke's Regiment

Lord Brooke's Regiment is now ready to take the field!  In their distinctive purple coats, they are sure to amaze the fashion sense of any Royalist regiments they battle.  I am now well on my way to accomplishing my goal of 2 painted regiments of foot by the end of the year.

Figures are from the Warlord Games hard plastic English Civil War box.  The sword and matchlock musket on the ground are from the "Shotte down in Flames" English Civil War casualty pack.


On the left is a musketeer figure I converted into an officer with some extra arms from the command sprue.

 Speaking of casualties, here are two figures from the set to be casualty markers for the game Victory Without Quarter.

And a quick preview of the leader of the figures I received as a birthday present.