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Monday, March 30, 2015

German 10.5cm Motorized Artillery battery

The mainstay of the German artillery in World War II was the 10.5cm howitzer.

German 10.5cm Motorized Artillery battery auction.

German Late War 8cm Mortar Platoon

The most responsive indirect fire system has always been the mortar - good thing the infantry keeps it!  Here is the German Late War 8cm Mortar platoon with 2 Forward Observer teams.

German Late War 8cm Mortar platoon auction.

German World War II Heavy Machine Guns

The MG 42 machine gun mounted on a tripod was a fearsome weapon to face during World War II.

Heavy Machine Gun Platoon Auction


German Stug IV Assault Guns

The Sturmgesch├╝tz IV (StuG IV) was a German Assault gun variant of the Panzer IV used in the latter part of World War II. It was given a tank destroyer role in German formations and tactical planning in the last two years of the war, greatly augmenting the capability of the dwindling tank force available to the German army on the Eastern and Western fronts.  Though designed as a tank destroyer, it was deployed many times in the role of a tank.

Stug IV Assault Gun Platoon Auction.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

German Fallschirmjager (Paratroopers) in 15mm

I proudly wear the silver wings of an American paratrooper. There is something about men (and women) who step out of a perfectly good airplane while in flight to perform a vertical envelopment upon the enemy.  Risky indeed.

Here is a platoon of German Fallschirmjager that I painted in a variety of uniform styles to reflect the supply issues and to give a battle worn appearance of a German airborne unit. This platoon was always a welcome addition in battles I fought as the Germans as they were tenacious in defense and lethal in the attack.

I am particularly proud of the above officer figure as it was my first head swap I attempted. I took the head from a mounted panzergrenadier officer and replaced it on the Fallschirmjager officer.  I then painted the cap as a Luftwaffe officer, which the Fallschirmjager belonged.

 Moving quickly off the drop zone.

 A mixture of uniforms from the Mediterranean theater and the Western Front.

Late War German Panzergrenadiers

The Late War German Panzergrenadiers are a mixture of Battlefront's Panzergrenadier, Waffen SS and Panzer Lehr packs with some head swaps. These figures can represent all Late War German Infantry.  This was also the first unit that I started to get "creative" with terrain on the bases  by adding sticks and lichen to give a battle field look.

Here's the auction site:  Late War German Panzergrenadier Auction.

 1st Platoon

 2nd Platoon

 Company HQ's with extra panzershrecks

 Panzerfaust "Warrior"

 Pin Markers


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sd Kfz 251/1 Halftracks Auction

The Sd Kfz 251/1 is the most famous of the German half-tracks of WWII and they were really fun to paint. There are eleven (11) Sd Kfz 251 half-tracks from Battlefront Miniatures. There are enough half-tracks to mount a panzergrenadier company for Flames of War.. Two (2) of the half-tracks mount the 3.7cm anti-tank gun making them a Sd Kfz 251/10. The way I have them organized is three (3) Sd Kfz 251/1 and one (1) Sd Kfz/10 per platoon and 3 Sd Kfz 251/1 for the Company HQ's element. This gives you two (2) platoons and a Company HQ's. Suitable for Flames of War and any other 15mm World War II game or gaming system.  Here is the auction site:

Sd Kfz 251/1 Auction.

German Tiger Tank Platoon Auction

I've decided to part ways with my German European theater World War II army as it is collecting dust. I will be keeping my Afrika Korps troops though!

First up is my Tiger Tank platoon.  The tanks are all Battlefront Miniatures for the 15mm game Flames of War. The auction can be found here on eBay:

Tiger Tank Platoon Auction.

And here are some pictures of the massive beasts:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The War Poodles Own Regiment of Foot

I can't tell you the excitement I had when I discovered that Talbot's Regiment of Foot used the War Poodle himself on the colors.  Well . . . it looks like the War Poodle to me.

 The Talbot; a now extinct breed of dog.

Colonel John Talbot led a regiment of  Royalist Foot that were recruited in Ireland and later commanded by his brother Sir Gilbert Talbot. Some sources site that the brothers may have commanded separate regiments. The regiment served in Hopton's army and the Oxford army from 1643 to 1645 having participated in the Battle of Cheriton, Cropredy Bridge, Lostwithiel and the Second Battle of Newbury.  In 1645 they were posted as the garrison at Tiverton Castle were they were later besieged and then surrendered.

 Command and Pike for Talbot's Regiment; Flag reproduced with permission from Forlorn Hope.

 Officer with pipe from Wargames Foundry; Ensign converted pikeman from Warlord Games.

According to the Symonds' Diary the regiments colors had the "Talbot Hound" as its device.  Based on literally minutes of research, I am convinced that the Talbot boys used Prince Rupert's dog Boye as the inspiration for the device on their flags and in fact, Boye was the honorary Colonel.