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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Classic Warhammer: It's tough being Green!

More blasts from the past as we have some of the units that made playing the Bad Guys fun!  Usually commanded by Honorable Son #1 (The Librarian)!

Every Ork army needs at least one ruthless warlord to lead them . . . plus a loyal shaman who wears face paint.

A mighty battle line.

This is why I always bring my longbowmen with me.

Nasty goblins!

More Gobbos!
I love painting trolls . . . this is where you need knights . . .lots of knights. The ocassional hero doesn't hurt to have also plus fire arrows.

A unit of mercenary ogres looking for plunder and loot with the green horde.

Not the brightest chaps in the army, but trolls tend to be bothersome.

Goblin warlord with his dog.

Boar chariot . . . of course.

Giant arrows!
Gobins and spiders and trolls . . . oh my!
More Ogres!
The last look at the General.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Classic Warhammer: The Kingdom of Bretonnia

Knights! Chivalry! Quests! Jesters! Beautiful Damsels (who are tougher than they look)! Yes, it's the Kingdom of Bretonnia. Bretonnia was the army I used and it would also double (with some modifications) as a historical army. I designed the army to represent a "dukedom" of the Kingdom led by, well, a Duke. I created this army with a combination of GW figures and figures from Wargames Foundry.

The Duke, a singing knight and the jester.

A little out of focus but here is the Iron Duke.

 Dismounted knights with a "Damsel" that has magical powers. The men are Wargames Foundry and the lovely maiden is from GW.

 Mounted plastic knights from GW.  I would hold them in reserve and then unleash them when it was time to rout the enemy.

 A mounted fair maiden with the Army Grail banner behind her. Both figures are GW.

 The men-at-arms also known as the poor bloody infantry. Figures from Wargames Foundry but the standard bearer and musician are from GW.

 More men-at-arms. Figures are Wargames Foundry and the standard bearer (I think) is a converted GW figure.

 My light cavalry and which were also mounted archers. One of the most effective units in my army.

 My crossbowmen who usually ended up as cannon fodder. Useful for plugging a gap or holding difficult terrain.

 Dismounted knights from Wargames Foundry.

 More knights from Wargames Foundry and I love flags.

 Plastic longbows from GW. I had 24 longbows and they were the killers of my army. They would loosen up the enemy and then I would charge home. Nothing like 24 dice being rolled against you when both units targeted you!

The other longbow unit. Metal figures from GW.

 Archer hero. Plus I thought he looks cool.

 The Trebuchet is one of the best models that GW every produced and the figures have great character.

 Another shot of my bandits . . . urrr . . . light cavalry which foraged a lot.

 The mounted damsel.

 Army Banner of Bretonnia.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Classic Warhammer: The Empire, Part 2

 The Grand Duke!

I was going to do another Empire contingent using GW figures until the prices got prohibitively expensive for me and the change to Age of Sigmar. I may still go back and do one as eBay seems to be a really good source.

This figure was going to be my new general and was I believe from the old boxed General set which allowed you to create 2 figures; one mounted and one on foot.

 I think this was the foot figure from the box. My only complaint is that the pistol is too large.

 I love the eye patch by the way.

 I honestly can't remember what set this figure came from or if I scratched built him from several kits. As you can probably guess, I was going with a blue color scheme for the new forces.

 He was going to be one of the leaders or a hero in a unit.

 Now this is a great figure and I believe is OOP - The Griffin Banner.

The Grandmaster of the Knights Panthers.

 The standard bearers were from a regular box of infantry - I was going for a Germanic - Bavarian look.