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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back in the Painting Saddle

March was a long and hectic month which prevented my favorite activity - painting toy soldiers! Fortunately I got back on track yesterday as I headed back to the 17th Century . . .

Yes! More highlanders from Warlord Games! I'm painting this well armed highland clansman based on Liam Neeson from the movie Rob Roy.

It was nice to get the kilt colors the way I wanted them correct the first time.

I really like the way this figure was sculpted firing a brace of pistols before the Highland Charge. I just got word from Warlord Games that the rest of my highlanders are on the way. Can't wait to finish the next unit.

Plastic English Civil War officer from Warlord Games plastic ECW infantry command sprue. He is going to be holding the Royal Banner once King Charles I arrives in the mail and gets painted.

ECW Musketeers loading from Perry Brothers Miniatures. These are going to be reload markers for the game Victory Without Quarter.

Another view of musketeers reloading. Each unit I have painted has it's own reload marker. From left to right: Newcastle's Regiment in white; Jones' Regiment in green; Lord Brookes in purple; Prince Rupert's in Blue; Essex's in red; and the King's Lifeguard of Foot in dark red.

Reload marker for Highland Clansmen unit. Yes he is throwing a rock. That is why the unit needs to reload! Figure from Warlord Games.

Drinking while fighting? Isn't that a safety violation?