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Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Big Bad John" MacColla

Alisdair "Big Bad John" MacColla is recorded as being 7 feet tall. In that spirit Warlord Games has made their Alisdar figure proportionally that tall.

Here is Alisdair standing next to an Irish Brigade pikeman that I have converted to an ensign. He's a tall lad.

The back of Alisdair standing next to another pikeman from the Irish Brigade. Alisdair is a least a head taller.

A side view of the the bad boy of the Highlands . . . not a welcome sight for Conventers and if your last name is Campbell.

Alisdair's representation reminds me of one of my favorite songs from my youth and every once in a while I still hear it on the radio: Jimmy Dean (the sausage king) singing Big John.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alisdair "Are you looking at me?" MacColla from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has produced another fantastic character pack with Alasdair MacColla with two bodyguards. When I looked at the image of the figures on the Warlord Games Website I was not overly impressed but I figured, "why not?" Due to the angle of the image on the Warlord site, the picture does not do justice to the figures.  These are three great figures will add some needed "umpph" for my next Irish regiment which will be in the act of charging.

Leading off the line up is the big man himself Alisdair MacColla. He is fully armed with an impressive claymore, broadsword and dirk. He also has a targe which can be glued onto his back.  The claymores on all three figures are thicker than they would be in real life, but I would rather have that than having the sword snap off at an inopportune moment of table top combat.  All three figures are energetically animated - there is no doubt that Alisdair is coming toward you and that there can only be one!

Alisdair is recorded in history as being almost 7 feet tall and this figure is definitely larger than the rest of my figures.

The pack comes with two bodyguards to protect his flanks:  Dubhaltach MacPhee and Calum Mor MacInnes. I have determined that Dubhaltach (Dubya to his friends) is the one wearing the kilt.  All of the figures were remarkably clean casts with virtually no flash and with no visible mold lines.

Full view showing the claymore.  All of these figures could easily be used in any highland clan unit.

Front and back of  Calum Mor MacInnes wearing some stylish trews and ready to cut down Covenanters.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pike and Shotte Command Complete (Sorta)

I have finished the Pike and Shotte command from Warlord Games and now all I need to do is paint units for them!

I finally decided to paint a green flag for the ensign since I had no green flags on the battlefield yet. The unit that will be built around him will be Thomas Rainborowe's Regiment of Foot which will have red coats. More on Thomas Rainborow and his moment in history later.

Cleaned up the sergeant which is a great action sculpture. He will be leading a pike block from Sir John Gell's Regiment of foot which are grey coats.

The drummer was a challenge (as is the flag above) as yellow is a tricky color to paint. When painting yellow I use as my base GW's Bubonic Brown (new name is Zemesi Desert) and then if I want it brighter, I use a yellow over it.

First try at flames on a drum . . . so, so results but that is how you get better.

The drummer will be with the Royalists at Oxford as part of John Talbot's Regiment of yellow coats.

Final cleanup on the officer who will lead  Thomas Rainborowe's Regiment of Foot on the field of battle.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pike and Shotte Command WIP #1

It is really amazing how easy it is to paint figures that are well sculpted and have beautiful detail. I can't say enough about the quality of Warlord Games' Pike and Shotte command blister pack. With the exception of the excess molding on the ensign - which I believe was just a quality mistake - this is without a doubt the best miniatures in their ECW/Thirty Years War that I have purchased. The two officer figures (sergeants were junior officers at this time in history and not the seasoned NCO's we associate with the rank) will both serve Parliament's cause while the drummer will be with the King as part of the Oxford muster. The two officer figures just need a little touching up while the drummer is about half-way done.

You were late to formation!

He is definitely not happy with how his men are performing drill.

When I first pulled this figure out it took me about 3 seconds to decide on a vignatte when it is mounted with his element for Victory Without Quarter.  This sergeant will be leading a charge with a block of pikemen.

The drummer will be part of Talbot's Yellow coats. There is not a lot of evidence for the uniforms of musicians in the ECW so I am taking some creative license with this figure.

I am researching the existing known drums, illustrations and descriptions before I tackle painting the drum. One source I have found useful are the websites of reenactment units of the English Civil War Society and the Sealed Knot.

I still have not decided how to paint the ensign that came with the pack. Once I decide on a regiment and flag he will join the production line.