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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Space Marine / Epic 40K Orks!

What would a space opera or hard sci-fi story be without space orks?  Okay - don't answer that.  Anyway here are the Orks:

 The boyz!
 An impressive Ork Gargant stumbles across the battle field.  I love the belly gun.
 Cannons, Warlords and dune buggies with laser guns - what more could you ask for?

 If I remember correctly these were mostly heavy weapons and the Goff tribe.

 I have now idea what these war wagons were but they sure look cool.
 I was particularly proud of the paint job I did on the missiles.
 Were these my pirate cannons?


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Space Marine / Epic 40K: Space Wolves

This was the first Space Marine force I built before I did the Dark Angels.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Space Marine/ Epic 40K: The Eldar

The Eldar were the best alien race in the Warhammer 40K Universe in my opinion until the Tau showed up.  Cool vehicles and weapons.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

. . . meanwhile in North Piddle at the British Museum Storage Annex: Part 2

On with the adventure!

The Chinese engineer Yang Wei carefully moved back to his position, his ingenious bomb planted against the steel door to the British Museum annex outside of the town of North Piddle.  Looking at General Ranglu he saw his leader nod and Yang Wei pushed the activation device and  . . .  nothing.  The Chinese had rolled a "1" and the poor Chinese Engineer's bomb failed to explode.

Where's the kaboom?  There was a supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

"The heck with that," thought Yang Wei.  He carefully aimed his arc rifle (or his own invention), pulled the trigger and a bolt of lightning hit the door . . . or more correctly it disintegrated the door.
 The Chinese rush into the annex through the rubble of the door.  WHO is the mysterious caretaker is in an adjacent room that the Chinese are trying to find?
 Meanwhile Teddy Roosevelt and friends waste their time looking for a door that does not exist.  Just because Sherlock knows that there is a secret door in the rear of the annex does not mean that there are other secret doors!

 Yang Wei makes contact with the mysterious caretaker who has lost his memory. Now to escort him out of the annex.
 Halt in the name of Queen and Country!
 Two unknown players join the fray!  A mummy and a companion who will be running toward the big blue box with a light on top. 
 Gun fire and growls!
 That's a pretty cool arc generator on your back.
  . . . meanwhile Teddy and Friends realize what's going on and head toward the entrance.

 "This way Watson.  We must stop them from getting the ancient scroll."

 "I found another one trying to grab a treasure chest."

 The soldier pulls the trigger . . . and the firing pin breaks (Yep.  Rolled two "1's".)

 "Behold my girth!"  General Ranglu yells his battle cry and cuts one of the constables down.

 The yeti seizes Hans . . . 
  . . . and is nailed with a long range shot by Teddy Roosevelt.  Bully.  However Teddy when then fall to a lucky shot from the lone Chinese soldier on guard.
"Let's go sir."  WHO are you again?

 Holmes and Watson engage the Chinese soldier who grabbed the ancient scroll.  They started laughing when the bayonet fell off the rifle (Rolled two 1's again).
 The Friends of the severely wounded Teddy Roosevelt scatter as they try to avoid the sword of the famous female warrior Yu Niu.

 "Mob him!"
 The sergeant also falls to the might blade (and girth) of General Ranglu.

 Oh. And there is a mummy raising havok.  Scratch another constable.

  . . . and he is an equal opportunity mummy as this poor Imperial Chinese soldier will find out.

 Hans and Tom Sawyer advance on the man who felled their chief.  The stone wall would provide cover for both sides in the furious gun battle.
 Excuse me, pardon me.  Coming through with my prisoner.  Don't mind me.

 Yu Niu keeps all at bay with her mastery of swordsmanship.  

 And yes there is still a fight going on with the lone Chinese soldier who managed to steal the ancient scroll back!

 Another constable bites the dust.  They were the red shirts of this game.

 Hans gets cut down.

 Yep you guessed it.  Another red shirt moment.
 Professor Nightengale remembers that he has gas grenades that will render the targets unconscious.  So he accidentally knocks himself and his companion out.  Yes.  The Chinese player was laughing.  About this time Tom Sawyer got fried by the arc rifle.

Zzzzzzz.  Good ole Professor Nightengale.
 And to add insult to injury, Holmes is accidentally shot by Watson.  Fortunately Holmes' reflexes makes it just a flesh wound.

The game ended when the Chinese got the mysterious caretaker off the field.  A game that was a lot closer than it seemed but it definitely did not go well for Teddy Roosevelt and friends.  The final tally was: Imperial Chinese 32 points, Scotland Yard 26 points and poor Teddy 4 points.  Most importantly 5 people had a fun time in merry ole North Piddle!